What to Pack in Your Moving First Night Box

Essential Items to Include in a Moving First-Night Box

A moving first night box will go a long way in making move day a success. Packing this box will make your first night in your new home convenient and less stressful. Instead of having to rummage through your assorted boxes, putting all the things you need to on a day-to-day basis in one place can greatly improve the moving experience.Torso of a female person holding a moving box. All on white background.

Included in the moving first night box are the essentials that will help transition from one home to another. Most of the items you can identify based on what you need for the last day in your old house. Make sure you label this box clearly and make sure it is one of the last items loaded into the truck, or move it yourself in your car.

Clothing & Toiletries

Think of packing your first night box like you would a suit case for a short trip. These items will include things like, few couple days’ worth of clothes and toiletries. Also don’t forget a standard first aid kit and any medication you may need, as well as towels.

Bedding & Linens

You’ll want to also include bedding, pillows, and towels. Setting aside bedding makes it easy to crash on your mattress and leave unpacking for the next day.


Something that you might not think to include are basic tools or a tool kit and flashlight. The usual lamps and lighting might not be set up in your new place, and you’ll be grateful to know exactly where the tools are when you start setting up your new home.

Disposable Tableware & Snacks

Bringing pre-packaged snacks and fruit will give you some easy food options before you’ve gotten out all of your cookware. Also, packing some disposable plates and napkins so you don’t have to unpack dishes to enjoy dinner in your first home.


If you want to celebrate the first night in your new home with some “Netflix and chill” don’t forget to pack your WiFi box, laptop and phone chargers.

Important Documents & Valuables

It is always a good idea to keep jewelry, important documents like passports and birth certificates, as well as valuables in your possession as opposed to being packed in the the moving truck. If there are specific documents that you need for your rental agreement or closing, be sure to put them in the moving first night box as well!

Download and print out a checklist!1

Do you need help packing and moving everything else? Request a free moving estimate from Olympia Moving & Storage online or by calling 800-222-4744.

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Confusing Moving Terms Definitions

Moving is hard enough without all of the confusing industry moving terms that can be thrown around.

Here are some common moving terms defined to make your search for the perfect mover a little bit easier.

Click on the links throughout to learn more about each topic.dictionary

COI – A COI, or a certificate of insurance, is used to give proof of insurance to commercial and residential buildings in case damages to the property occur during a move. *Always make sure your moving company is properly insured to protect yourself from personal loss.

Access – Access refers to how the crews will be entering/exiting the property at origin and/or destination. Long walks, narrow stairs, and parking are all things to consider when telling a surveyor about your move in order to give you the most accurate estimate.

Shuttle – A shuttle might be used to transport your goods if the planned truck is unable to make a normal pickup or delivery because of geographical or urban planning (think: low bridges, narrow roads) constraints. The shuttle is the smaller truck used to complete the pickup or delivery. There are separate charges for this service, depending on the size and location of the shipment.

Binding Estimate – If your mover gives you a binding estimate they are guaranteeing the total cost of the move based on the quantity of items and services shown on the estimate. This type of estimate means that you will pay the agreed upon amount regardless of the difference between the estimate and the actual cost of your move.

Non-Binding Estimate Non-binding estimates charge you based on the actual cost of your move, regardless of the initial estimated cost. This means you could end up paying less or more based on the actual amount of work necessary to complete your move.

Bill of Lading – If you hear the term bill of lading don’t get nervous! The bill of lading is an important part of your move that is actually a service agreement detailing terms and conditions of your move and the receipt for your goods. All moving jobs have a bill of lading attached making it easier to review services agreed upon.

PBO / PBC – here’s an easy one! PBO / PBC just means that the items were packed by owner (you, the customer) or packed by crew. No sweat.

OA/DA – Everyone loves a good abbreviation but they aren’t much fun when you’re stressed! Don’t worry if a salesperson mentions an OA or DA during your conversation. These abbreviations refer to the origin agent (the company at the origin of your move who will service the first half of the move) and destination agent (the company at the destination address responsible for completing the move.) If the company you’re getting estimates from is part of a van-line then the agent on the other end of your move will also be a part of the van-line and you can rest assured that your goods will be handled in the best way possible.

Class 1 Move – A Class 1 move,  also known as crate and freight, have your belongings move from one dock to another in shipments. Crate and freight may be a better option for those with smaller moves and can be handled by preferred agents outside of a company’s regular van-line network due to travel restrictions during peak season.

Hoist – In the case of large or heavy items that need to be handled in or out of homes through windows, you may need to use a hoist. Hoists are auxiliary services offered by movers using specialized equipment, such as a hoisting crane and a moving platform.

Valuation – The amount of cash value assigned to the items in a shipment is called valuation in the moving world. When purchasing valuation, the customer will pay a certain amount of money for their items to be covered at the assessed value in the event of damage. There is a required $0.60 per pound minimum for all moves, but for an additional charge you may purchase other levels of valuation options.

Full Value Protection – Full value protection is a valuation option where the moving company is liable to repair or replace any lost or damage items at their full value minus any deductible amount on the valuation option.

Not seeing the moving term you’re puzzling over? Check out the ultimate moving terms dictionary, which includes definitions for over 458 moving terms, from our friends at Olympic Moving in Washington state:  http://www.olympicmovers.net/moving-terms/

Have more questions about moving terms, or want to book your move? Call us today at 800.222.4744 and we’ll get you started or request an estimate online.

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How a Mover Can Make Your Boston Home Renovation Easier (and 4 Other Tips!)


Home renovations can be stressful and expensive. Keep these tips in mind to ease the difficulties that
come with giving your home a make-over.

35ffbCNChoose an Off-Season Project

The summer season is the busiest time for home projects, which can lead to  increased costs. When choosing what to update this summer, consider taking on a winter-oriented like, adding insulation or installing energy efficient windows. Usually you can find a deal the necessary supplies and services needed for the renovation in the off-season, and you are more likely to schedule vendors for your project to your preferences.

Hire a Mover to Assist with Storage

CrewWhat are you going to do with all your furniture and belongings when you’re demoing your living room wall? Instead of attempting to protect your furniture with plastic sheets and painters tape, consider moving your furniture into storage for the duration of your renovation. This helps you avoid drywall dust, sawdust and insulation that likes to take root in your furniture and leaves the space necessary to get the renovation job done right. The most cost effective way to store your furniture is full-service storage with a local moving company. Hire the movers to pick up your storage or load up your own truck to drop off our belongings to storage.

Keep Chaos In Check

Have a designated area for cooking (if you’re remodeling your kitchen) and cleaning. Whether this means grilling outdoors or re-purposing your guest bathroom, you’ll be happy when these messes are confined to certain areas instead of spreading around the house.

Balance the Budget

suppliesBalance the expenses of your supplies and new fixtures for your house. If you can’t resist splurging on marble counter tops, find other areas where you can save, like on the light fixtures or window covers.

Buy Early

When buying fixtures and supplies, do it early! Before you meet with your electrician or contractor, it is best to have the placement of your outlets and appliances already planned. It’s also helpful to order these items far in advance, ensuring on-time delivery and the widest selection.

In the midst of your renovation, remember, it will all be worth it at the end when you are enjoying your like-new home!

If you need a Boston, Washington DC, or Philadelphia mover to assist with the moving and storage for your upcoming home renovation, call Olympia Moving & Storage at 800-222-4744 or request an estimate online. Whether you just need furniture moved to the basement, into storage, or relocation to a temporary resident, we are ready to help make your home renovation easier!

Helpful Moving Apps

Moving is tough and apps are convenient so it makes total sense that developers would create a moving app to help you through your relocation. We went ahead and reviewed 3 free moving apps that might help make your relocation easier…in addition to using Olympia Moving & Storage, of course.

anthropoligie platesortly folders


Aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, Sortly is an app that helps you do exactly what it sounds like.. sort your life! The moving app offers folders to narrow down your needs and work from specific lists in order to keep you more organized. Even better, within each folder you can create sub-folders for each room in your house, making it easier to sort and eventually find your belongings.

When adding items to your folders, Sortly gives the option of adding the quantity of items as well as value AND a photo.  So, if you’re worried about keeping track of the condition of your belongings in the case of damage or missing items, you’re all set!

Sortly also includes a great moving checklist with the option to mark tasks as “irrelevant” or “done,” so you can be sure to get all of your prep work done before moving day. Handy!

If you’re feeling fancy, another added bonus of using Sortly is the option to make your own QR labels. If you aren’t the tech-type and this doesn’t appeal to you you can always stick with our free printable labels and still stay organized.

A moving app like Sortly would definitely be helping when planning your move, think estimating the number of boxes you’ll need and putting together an inventory to get a quote, and would be a huge help when unpacking your belongings once you’ve moved into your new home. Learn more about Sortly here.


MoveAdvisor is different than Sortly, but it’s a great moving app option if you’re looking for moving companies in your area. It’s user friendly and is sort of like playing a Sims game with your belongings.

By clicking and dragging items, you can easily obtain a general idea of the weight of the items you’re looking to move, and everything you need to plan is in the palm of your hand. MoveAdvisor can be found here.

moveadvisor appmymove inventorymove details

My Move:

mymove menu

It seems like the developers of this moving app haven’t quite worked out the bugs. MyMove does ask for your origin zip and destination zip, but the app bases your approximate weight on the type of house you live in but doesn’t take your actual belongings into account, which means you’ll want to give a more detailed idea of your belongings when speaking with moving company.

Unfortunately, the “calculate moving cost” button brings you to a secondary page asking for your origin and destination again but doesn’t allow for destination state selection so this moving app isn’t the most useful if you’re looking for an accurate estimate for moving services.

The MyMove moving app would be most useful if you’re looking for moving checklists and  moving tips.

After checking out these three moving apps, we would suggest trying both Sortly and MoveAdvisor. Each moving app carries their own list of benefits and helpfulness but a mixture of the two could be even better. When planning a move it’s always better to speak to a professional about questions that are specific to your relocation. Moving apps are certainly helpful when organizing, but more information is better to get an accurate idea of your moving costs. Find more resources on MyMove here.

Ready to plan your move? We’re here to help.
Call us at 800.222.4744 today for your free estimate or request an estimate online.

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Free Moving Coloring Page for Kids

Moving with kids is never an easy task. From breaking the news to settling into your new home, there are plenty of ups and downs – including a lot of idle time for your antsy little ones.

Looking for something quiet to keep your kids busy, and maybe even quiet, while you prepare for your move?

Olympia Moving & Storage has you covered with our free moving coloring page, designed to make moving with children a little easier for your family! This free coloring page is a great way to help small kids grasp the concept of moving and get excited for their new home.

Download our free moving coloring page for your kids

moving coloring page for kids

As always, Olympia Moving & Storage is here to help with all of your relocation needs.  For more tools for moving with kids, including book recommendations on the topic, check out our blog post on moving with kids.

Have other questions about moving or looking for moving tips? We’d be glad to help, just give us a call at 800.222.4744

Ready to start planning your move with kids? Click here to request a free moving estimate with Olympia Moving & Storage.

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How to move specialty items

So, you’ve made the decision to move, found a new place, and are ready to book your movers; hooray!

But have you planned how to move your brand new appliances or your home theater? While you may not know anything about disconnecting a dishwasher or electronics, let alone how to move them, we have all of the bases covered.

As a full service moving company, our goal at Olympia Moving & Storage is assist with every detail of our families’ moves. This includes the details they may not have considered like how to move specialty items.

During your in-home survey, your Olympia Moving consultant will point out items that will need special packing or servicing during your move. The consultant will discuss with you the various options for safely relocating those items and how that will fit into your budget.  

When we need experts for specialty services, Olympia Moving has to make sure these service providers are at the same high standard as our moving crew.  That’s why Olympia Moving & Storage proudly partners with Movers Specialty Services (also known as MSS), a company providing specialty relocation services nationwide for over 30 years.

After you book your relocation with Olympia Moving, your move coordinator will work closely with MSS to ensure that the services you need are scheduled seamlessly alongside the rest of your moving services.

We spoke with Brian Schaeffer, Corporate Sales Executive with MSS, about how his company takes care of those specialty moving services families often don’t consider when they’re first planning their move.

MSS started in 1978 out of a one bedroom apartment with a set of Sears hand tools.  Since then, Movers Specialty Services has grown into an award winning company that works with moving companies nationwide.  Olympia Moving & Storage partners with MSS because we share the same view on the importance of delivering a quality service.

MSS assists relocating families who may not know how to move in the best way by disassembling, servicing, and reassembling complex household items, including, but not limited to:

  • Air Hockey, Pool & Foosball Tables
  • Audio / Video Components
  • Cratinghow to move special items
  • Dishwashers
  • Exercise Equipment – All Types
  • Gas Grills
  • Grandfather & Cuckoo Clocks
  • Icemakers
  • Juke Box
  • Piano & Organ Services
  • Range – Gas & Electric
  • Spa / Hot Tubs
  • Tanning Beds
  • Washer/Dryer Units
  • Waterbeds
  • Wine Storage & Insurance Services

MSS is Olympia’s go-to resource for specialty relocation services because they provide the same consistency in quality and attention to detail that our clients expect from Olympia Moving & Storage. MSS technicians are trained in industry knowledge and they take the time to develop each person’s individual skill sets so that they can safely and confidently fulfill client requests. Our families may have no idea how to move a hot tub across the country, but the MSS technicians have done it hundreds of times.

Says Brian of MSS, “Creating a seamless transition for your family is our priority, and our experts are here to determine what is necessary for your specific move so you don’t have to worry about it.”

The Olympia Moving & Storage clients aren’t the only ones pleased with services and tips on how to move from MSS.  Movers Specialty Services’ many awards include:
  • Multiple ratings among the Philadelphia 100
  • Service Provider of the Year
  • Recognized as the “Industry’s Innovator
  • Two time winner the American Moving & Storage Association’s Summit Award (selected by customers)
  • Winner of the Global Network Commitment to Excellence Platinum Award
  • One of Philadelphia’s 100 Top Workplacesfor six years in a row

Whether you’re wondering how to move a grandfather clock or install a tanning bed, Olympia Moving & Storage & MSS are here to help simplify your move!

Are you ready to start planning a move that includes servicing specialty items?  Click here to request a free, no obligation moving estimate.  Any specialty moving services included in your estimate will be serviced by MSS!

To learn more about MSS, visit mss1.com or call 800.433.1159

Apartment Move in Tips from a Property Management Pro

Whether you’re a parent sending your child off to college or someone moving into their first apartment, moving can be a daunting task; from the apartment hunt to the move. But just because you’ve unpacked the last of the boxes doesn’t mean it’s over, there are still some things to remember and apartment move in tips to take to heart.

It’s important to know that a loved one is safe and settled in their new surroundings, even if they’re just down the street, so we spoke with a Boston property manager and compiled some apartment move in tips.key in door

  • Lock your doors and windows especially those that are easily accessible to unwanted intruders. Windows on the first floor or basement levels should always be locked.
  • Don’t leave valuables where they can be seen from outside your apartment.
  • Know your neighbors and keep an eye out for them and their property.  Don’t let strangers inside the building, this goes for when you are entering/exiting and when people buzz you via the intercom.
  • Packages are typically left in the foyer and subject to being open or stolen, if it’s something important send it requiring a signature.
  • Call 911 to report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.
  • Poor housekeeping leads to unsanitary conditions, contributing to pest problems. Some new residents have little or no furniture, and thus are inclined to pick up infested items off the street or buying secondhand, bringing in new pests. Should you suspect you have a pest infestation it is important to report it to management right away to prevent the spread if bugs or vermin.

A new city comes with new places to explore and new practices to put into place, so help your loved ones transition safely and informed with our move in tips!

Haven’t moved yet but ready to start planning a move?  Click here to request a free, no obligation moving estimate. 

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Boston Moving Permits Made Easier

no-parking-signMoving is never an easy task and things can often be overlooked until the last minute. But getting Boston moving permits shouldn’t be one of those things, especially if you live in a city like Boston, where September 1st is basically a city-wide holiday and Allston Christmas reigns supreme. Think: free arcade games up for grabs along with some serious velvet paintings of Elvis…

Whether it’s your first move or your fifth, having a helping hand in your move is always a good idea. So, what’s the deal with parking passes? The experts at Olympia Moving are here to tell you.

Moving permits are super important and failing to get one can not only delay your move but also end up costing you in the end whether you’re working with a moving company or doing it yourself. In the past, Boston residents were required to schlep on down to the town hall and wait in a line with everyone else panicking about their own moving day. Sound like a blast? If you said no then we have GREAT news for you because starting this year you can get your parking permits from the comfort of your packed up living room!

Why get a moving permit?

Moving permits reserve spaces (standard size- 2 parking spaces) at a specific time and location to park a vehicle while moving your belongings in and out of your building, meaning no one else can park there during the times that you have paid for. If you do not get a parking pass you may not be able to park the moving truck near your home, which will add significant time and effort in moving your belongings.

Another downside of not getting a moving permit is that you run the risk of getting a ticket or even worse being towed. Yikes.

When and where do I get my permit?

One day Boston moving permits can be ordered online through both the City of Boston and City of Cambridge website and are then mailed to you. These must be obtained at least two weeks but no longer than one month in advance to your move.

Is your move closer than two weeks away? Don’t worry! You can still apply for a permit at City Hall.

Residential area permits must be obtained at least 3 days but no longer than 2 weeks in advance to the move
with signs posted 48 hours in advance to the move

Keep in mind that metered spots also require a permit to park, so don’t take any chances.

Metered area permits must be obtained at least 3 days but no longer than 2 weeks in advance to the move with signs posted 24 hours in advance to the move

How much is my permit going to cost?

In addition to your moving permit, the city also requires “no parking” signs made of cardboard to be posted in the area with the date and times of their permit. These signs must be purchased at a cost of $4.00 each with a minimum of two “No Parking” signs required.

  • For metered spaces there is an additional payment of $20.00 per meter head per day, but don’t forget to supply the individual parking meter numbers when you’re applying.
  • In Boston moving truck permits are a base fee of $61.00. For all other permits, the base fee is $20.00.
  • In addition to the base fee, there’s also a fee of $1.00 per square foot calculated against the size of the occupied area. The square footage must cover the size of the truck and space needed to load/unload.
  • So, a one day permit for a moving truck requiring two metered spaces would be approximately $80.
    This fee equals $61 (base fee) plus approximately $11 (40-feet x 8-feet x 1-day @ $1/sqft/month) plus $8 (two signs @ $4/sign).

What do I do once I have my permit?

Once you’ve received your permit and “no parking” signs you’ll have to post them within a minimum of two days before your moving date. This gives your neighbors time to coordinate where they will be parking their cars and will avoid the hassle of having to call the city to get a car moved.

Still sounds like a pain? More good news!

If you’re planning your move with Olympia we can do it for you! We’ll be sure to obtain the necessary permits specific to the area that you live in and eliminate the wait-time and stress of plastering your neighbor’s cars with notices. Plus, then you’ll have more time to pack and enjoy a glass of wine before the chaos ensues.  Get started and request a free, no obligation estimate for your Boston move.

For additional information specific your area check out their websites:

Resources for Senior Citizens Moving Homes

Resources for Seniors Moving

Olympia Moving relocates hundreds of senior citizens every year.  Whether our clients are moving interstate to their retirement destination or downsizing locally, arranging a seamless move for seniors has its own unique challenges.  Our move consultant Ben Knowlton discusses some of these challenges in this video.  When Olympia Moving works with senior citizens moving we adjust our process to work patiently with the client and stay in constant contact to reduce worry and stress.

We’re always exchanging ideas with other thought leaders in the relocation industry.  Bill Mulholland is the Founder and CEO of one of Olympia Moving’s partners, American Relocation Connections.  ARC works with top service providers like Olympia Moving to deliver corporate and individual relocation from top to bottom.  As an expert in relationship-based relocation,  Bill shares his tips for relocating seniors:

By Bill Mulholland, Founder and CEO of American Relocation Connections

Are you or a loved one moving homes as a senior citizen? The moving process can feel overwhelming and exciting, and there’s a lot of work to be done. All moves take careful planning and execution, but luckily, with the proper foresight and resources, you can make your relocation smooth and painless.

Use this five-step resources guide to help you tackle that big To-Do list.

1. Arrange for support throughout the move

Do you have an adult child who will help you with the moving process from beginning to end? Moving as a senior citizen can be complex because adult children may be too tied up with jobs or obligations from thousands of miles away.

If this is the case, never fear – you can always hire a “senior move manager”, or a professional who will take you through the steps of moving from packing the first box, up until making sure the phone lines at your new home are connected!

To find a senior move manager in your area, check with the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

2. Economically dispose of your unwanted items

Chances are, if you have been living in the same home for many years, you have accumulated treasure and junk alike. When you relocate, make this an opportunity to clean away the stuff you don’t really need. Be selective when choosing what to take with you to your new home – the more you decide to bring, the more it will cost you in time, money and valuable space. Rather than throw everything out, you can sell goods to antique vendors, tag sales or auctions, or even recycle some items for cash back!

To find an estate sale near you, look on EstateSales.net, where you can find a company to sell your items for you, or you can hold your own yard sale and advertise on the site. If you’re not sure how to price your goods, check out this infographic for some basic tips to holding a successful yard sale.

3. Pre-arrange your new floorplans

Now that you have thrown away your unwanted items, you can start to plan how you want everything to look in your new home. If you have hired a senior move manager, they will happily sit down with you to discuss how furniture will be arranged in your new home. The benefit of pre-arranging your floorplan is that you can arrive at your home and happily find everything already where you expect it to be.

For free online software to help you plan your new arrangements, consult these recommendations by Apartment Therapy. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the detailed aspects of the software, you can always draw a floorplan out by hand and show this to your moving team.

4. Organize travel plans and travel partners

If you are relocating across town, getting to your new home could be as short as a 20-minute drive on the freeway. However, if you are moving across the country, you might be flying out to your home – or even taking a train all that way. It may be helpful to consider if you would like someone to travel with you.

When you are planning your move, be sure to ask your travel partner far in advance so they can block out their schedule. You might choose your child or a close friend to accompany you to your new home. Senior moving managers can also travel with their clients from the old house to the new to make sure the trip goes smoothly.

If you would rather hoof it yourself, be sure to check a few travel tips so you can be as prepared as possible for your trip.

5. Unpacking and settling down

Don’t forget to plan for what comes after the unpacking! Do a bit of research about your new home. What are some nearby community events? If you are moving to be closer to your family, arrange a pre-set schedule to spend time together, whether that is every Tuesday or every other weekend – whatever you need to feel at ease in your new home.

If you will not have a car, look for travel arrangements. Most public transportation systems have senior discounts, and if you prefer to use a taxi system, research which cab companies are the cheapest and most reliable. There are also specific transportation services for senior citizens available. Find a transportation program in your new city with Eldercare’s service locator.

Moving as a senior citizen can sound like a tiring process, but it doesn’t have to be. Plan ahead and don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for help; that’s what they are there for!

Use the resources in this guide and look for services that you can utilize to make the moving process easier on yourself. Oftentimes, if you simply ask your moving company for their tips and insight, they will have some great advice for you. Before you know it, you’ll have moved into your new home and all settled in!

Bill Mulholland has been in the relocation industry for 15 years and is the founder and owner of American Relocations Connections (ARC), an innovative third-party relocation company operating both domestically and globally.

If you need a relocation partner in everything from real estate to moving to mortgage contact American Relocation Connections to get started.  Are you a senior citizen moving soon, or are you ready to assist a loved one with their relocation?  Call 800.222.4744 for a free moving estimate from Olympia Moving & Storage, or request an estimate online.

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Olympia Moving Launches Updater Address Change Dashboard!

Updater Dashboard
Visit olympiamoving.updater.com to access your easy change address dashboard!

Olympia Moving & Storage excited to announce our partnership with Updater to bring our clients an easy address change dashboard full of time-saving tools and discounts. The Updater address change dashboard will allow our clients to accomplish the following in just a few clicks:

  • Easily update the USPS and thousands of subscriptions and organizations to a new address
  • Find, compare, and transfer local utilities and homes services, including electric, gas, and cable
  • Access to dozens of discounts on services for your new home, including professional cleaning, appliances, pet sitters, and more
  • Email digital moving announcements to friends and family

This easy and secure service saves families an average 5+ hours on moving tasks. Best of all, it is absolutely FREE for Olympia Moving & Storage clients!

This new benefit is just one of the many ways Olympia Moving & Storage guides our clients through the relocation process to make moving as seamless as possible. In addition to the Updater tools, Olympia Moving clients also enjoy our online moving resource center and a dedicated relocation coordinator.

This partnership also reflects Olympia’s commitment to using technology to improve the moving experience.  In addition to Updater, Olympia utilizes state-of-the-art industry software to manage every aspect of our clients’ move, including new features for our clients coming later this summer.

To get started with these easy address change tools, visit olympiamoving.updater.com

updater_partner_Olympia Moving

Updater also recently featured Olympia Moving & Storage marketing manager, Rachael Fischer, in their blog post: How to Market Your Moving Company: Tips from Olympia Moving and Storage

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Stylish moving / change of address cards and e-cards
Estimating the Number of Boxes For Moving
Why is a Moving Company In-Home Survey Important?

Request an estimate from the company that provides the most moving resources: Olympia Moving & Storage