We are frequently asked about whether we can move plants.  The answer to this question is two-tiered, as it depends upon the type of service that you require.

On Local Moves, our preference is that you relocate plants on your own; however that is not always feasible.  Olympia can and will move plants, but cannot make any guarantees as to the safe transport of these items.

Leaf lamina. Advice on Moving Plants
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Smaller plants should be placed in a box with the top taped open; whereas larger plants should be left as they are.  If your shipment involves an “overnight hold”, it is advisable that you water your plants 12-24 hours before the move.  The crew will certainly do their best to ensure that your plants arrive safely at your new home; however Olympia does not accept any liability for plants.

On longer Interstate Moves it is often advisable to give plants away rather than move them.  Plants are difficult to load properly and do not typically do well in the back of a trailer for days without water.  Having said this, there are no legal regulations against moving plants across state lines, and it is ultimately at the discretion of the individual driver.



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