Benezra BoxesWhen it comes to moving, Adam Benezra, entrepreneur and owner of Benezra Boxes, is an expert. He was a mover for Gentle Giant for four years, but even after a back injury, Adam wasn’t ready to leave the moving industry.  Instead, he started his own business.

Says Adam “At the time, recycling was really gaining steam and using used moving boxes wasn’t anything new.  I just decided to market it more aggressively and also add my moving knowledge to help give customers free advice.”

Benezra Boxes was born.  Fifteen years later Adam still maintains his business in Winchester, MA.   Benezra Boxes focuses on picking up and selling used moving boxes.  Adam also leverages his industry expertise to offer relocation management services.  Customers who utilize Adam’s service can sit back and let Adam plan their move and procure estimates, as well as managing their packing.

When our clients ask us how to get obtain or get rid of used boxes we know to send them to Adam. It’s great to see someone conquer this needed niche in the moving industry.

How did you come up with the idea of Benezra Boxes?

“When I was a kid, I was raised by my aunt and uncle and my aunt started the recycling program in Melrose. And my uncle was always encouraging me to start my own business, they were very supportive.”

Used boxes are one great way to cut costs on a move, do you have any other tips?

“Absolutely!  Throw away as much crap as you can! And donate whatever you think you may not use again. Moving is the perfect opportunity to purge things that you just let ‘stick around’ over the years.  Some people get greedy and hold out to sell things that may not be worth as much as they think. They don’t factor in just how expensive it can be to move all that extra stuff you probably won’t use again.  So why not donate it to people that really need it and get a tax deduction at the same time?”

What are other things people can do to make their move “greener?”

“Buying used moving boxes is a green as it gets!  That totally keeps them out of the waste-stream.  Then they can be recycled after that.  If they buy new boxes, let Benezra Boxes come pick them up for free so we can re-use them!  The big thing is to re-use and recycle wherever you can these days.  Corrugated has never been more expensive, costs went up 19% alone in the past year from the corrugated manufacturers.  Costs for everyone, and waste, will go down if there is more re-use and recycling in this industry.”

“After 15 years of running Benezra Boxes, I’ve seen so many moving companies and other vendors get into promoting used boxes which is truly great for everyone, especially the planet!”

In your experience, what do you think is the #1 mistake people make when moving?

“They try to save money doing things they shouldn’t do themselves. This causes damage to their belongings, damages to their walls and floors, and damage to their bodies! All are expensive and painful to fix! Plus, many people don’t take into account the opportunity cost of their time.”

“In most cases it can be cheaper, easier, safer, and definitely way more efficient, stress-free, and faster to let the pros handle your move. Probably the biggest mistake many people make is trying to do too much themselves while still having to do their normal daily routine and they get overwhelmed physically and, even more, mentally. It’s just not worth it.”

Woofy of Benezra BoxesWhat does your dog and mascot, Woofy, contribute most to the company?

“My wife and I love Woofy like he’s our child! There, I said it. We adopted him almost 8 years ago. He’s Benezra Boxes’ mascot and our dog-loving customers love him! His face is plastered all over our company van, he’s all over our website, he was featured with me in a recent article in Northshore Magazine, a movie theater ad, and he’s just damn good company.”

“Poor Woofy ruptured a disc last month and spent 5 days at Angell Memorial having major back surgery…An old buddy of mine, Rob Hillman, who worked with me at Gentle Giant back in the 1990s became a veterinary surgeon! He’s one of many close friends I made there, he was there to give me medical advice and just emotional support throughout this trying time….It’s friends like Rob, too many to name, that I have been lucky enough to have established through being a mover.  You won’t make it rich in this industry but you will get so many other rewards.”

You can learn more about Adam’s services, including picking up and selling used boxes at

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