Olympia knows all about the drama surrounding moving on September 1st in Boston, after all, we’ve been doing it for 20 years! When we heard that a web-series called Allston Xmas was being made about this infamous moving day in Boston, we had to check it out.

David from the Allston Xmas crew stopped by the Olympia warehouse for an unusual purpose: to record the sounds of our trucks to be used in the sound mixing for the series. Olympia mover Dan helped by operating a truck to produce the sounds that David needed. Not a usual day on the job for our movers!

The web-series is described on their Facebook page as “Anthology web-series that follows a few dozen young people as their friendships, relationships, and attachment to material things are put to the test on moving day in Boston.” Appropriately enough, the series will be released online starting September 1st! Be sure to check it out, and keep an ear out for the sounds of the Olympia trucks!

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