Short Term Storage

At Olympia, we understand convenience plays a huge part in the client experience. We offer overnight storage so that you can receive your items whenever you’re able. Life happens, and we understand there might be gaps between pick up and delivery.  You may not be able to move into your new home the same day that your items are loaded, or are scheduled to arrive. Schedule delivery of your belongings on the specific day you need to move in with our short term storage and overnight storage options.

How it works

If you need overnight or short term storage, Olympia will store your belongings in the truck that we are using for your move. We will keep the truck secure at our facility. After we load the truck at your origin residence, we will seal the truck lock and give you the seal number. This seal number ensures that the truck is not opened until it arrives at your destination. On the day of the drop-off, we allow you to break the seal of the truck.

Olympia can provide short term truck storage for one, or multiple nights.  If you need storage beyond five days, we will unload your belongings into our secure storage warehouse.

Reasons For Short Term Storage

Gaps between closings and leases 

Often the closing date or the expiration of the lease for your current residence may come before the closing or entering of a new lease for your next residence. In this case, there may be a window where you need to move out of your old place, but may not be able to move into your new home just yet. For these circumstances, our overnight storage option provides an extra level of convenience. Know your items are stored safely while you’re waiting to access to your new house.

Large Moves

If you are moving many items to your new location, this may extend the typical loading time.  In this case, you may need to plan your move to take place over multiple days. This is another reason why a client may use overnight storage, to safely store your items over the course of your move.

Longer Distance Local Moves

When you are planning a local move to a home a few hours or more from your origin, there is a good chance  you would use our short term storage option. The distance between homes may be too far out of range to complete the entire move in one day. Olympia will use this option to load, safely store overnight, and deliver the following day.

Short Term Storage on Truck Rates

Storage rates to keep your belongings on the truck are $150 a night for up to 5 nights for local moves.

After 5 nights, we would unload your belongings into regular storage. The usual local storage rate will then apply.

More Storage Options

Olympia provides a full range of storage options to service your needs.  Whether you need storage for a day, week, month, or year – we can assist. Explore our storage services.