Whether you are moving in or out of an apartment, the Olympia apartment movers are equipped to assist. Our professional apartment movers specialize in working with apartment building management to ensure a smooth and successful move. Take a look at our specialty services for moving in or out of apartments. Also, find more information on how we work with building management to ensure a successful move.

Additional services for apartment moves

Certificate of Insurance

Many buildings will require a certificate of insurance from any moving company performing a move in the building. This ensures that the moving company is able to cover any building damages if they occur during the course of the move. Olympia is an insured mover and will work with your building to provide any necessary insurance certificates and documentation.

Building Protection

When you move in or out of an apartment, Olympia takes extra protection measures not just for your unit, but for the entire building. Our crew protects the building by padding the elevators, placing protection on the floors, as well as protecting some walls and doorways. This provides an extra level of confidence to the building management as well as the client, that no damage will take place during the move.

Removing Debris

After the move, you will be left with boxes, plastic wrap, used tape, and all sorts of debris that will need to be disposed at the conclusion of the move. This is especially cumbersome to trash or recycle when you live in an apartment building. Our team will take care of removing any debris when the moving service is over. When you are finished unpacking, you can also schedule Olympia to pick up your debris.

Working with your building’s management

Make Your Building Reservation

It is important to work with building management to avoid any delays on move day. Typically, you will need to reserve time with your building for the crew to have access to your building. This includes reserving time for the elevator and loading dock. This will allow the crew to avoid conflicting access to these entries and give the crew the ability to complete the move on schedule without any issues. Don’t forget to reserve with both your origin and destination buildings as applicable.

Notify Your Move Consultant of Unit Location

To ensure the accuracy of the estimate and planning for your move, it is extremely helpful to notify your move consultant where your unit is located in relation to the elevator and the stairs. A long walk down a hallway can significantly affect a move estimate, so we will want to take this into account for accuracy. This will also allow us to plan accordingly for access to entry and exit points, as well as paths through the building.

Truck Size

Some buildings may have restrictions on the size of the truck that can be on the property or loading dock. Confirm with your building the maximum truck size that can be used for your move. This will help Olympia provide the necessary means of transportation for your belongings. Olympia has a variety of truck sizes that we will utilize to accommodate your building’s policy.

Local Apartment Movers

Are you planning to move locally? No worries, Olympia can help you relocate to an apartment building down the street or miles away. Our crew has you covered.

Interstate Apartment Movers

Moving to another state? The Olympia team is well equipped to handle interstate apartment moves anywhere in the country. Your long distance move is in good hands.

International Apartment Movers

Planning to move out of the country? Although it can feel a bit nerve-racking, you can be at ease knowing that Olympia’s professional moving team will be servicing your apartment move abroad.

If are looking for premier apartment movers to service your upcoming move, contact us today for a free quote.