Quality Movers are in High Demand: AMSA’s State of the Industry

Quality movers across the country look forward to the American Moving & Storage (AMSA) conference as an opportunity to share knowledge and learn how to better their companies and their industry to meet our clients’ needs.

Every year AMSA CEO Linda Bauer Darr (who Olympia recently moved!) offers big-picture insights as part of her “state of the industry” address.  The state of moving in the United States isn’t just insightful to moving companies, it also offers some understanding to changes in American life.  Here are some highlights from this year’s address:

Americans simply don’t move as often or as far as they used to.  The number of Americans moving across state lines has fallen 50% since the nineties.  This is partially due to the economy, but mainly because job opportunities across cities are more homogeneous than ever before since most Americans work in service industries.  In addition, the advent of telecommunication means that people just don’t need to move for work as much as they used to.

Quality Movers Raising the Bar

Despite this, quality movers are still in high demand.  These conditions cause the number of moving companies to decrease, which lets the quality movers who are leading the industry continue to grow.  Only by promoting the standards of ethics and accountability will keep the moving industry strong.  That’s why the ProMover brand  is so important. The program creates a high standard for moving companies and helps consumers find movers, as well as create an environment where consumers trust their movers and value their hard work.

With creativity and innovation, and by holding ourselves to a higher standard, we can work to create a future where the “values and principles of a good mover are beacon for other industries to emulate.”

 As an AMSA ProMover, Olympia Moving & Storage leads the way by adhering to to this high standard.  Every day we strive to advance the moving & storage industry by hiring staff & crew who put their clients first, going above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs, and adding value through technology.

You can watch the rest of this “state of the industry” address in this video:

Olympia & Wheaton Move CEO of the American Moving & Storage Association

AMSA ProMoverOlympia is proud to be an American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) ProMover. This organization represents the interests of quality professional movers through policy, advocacy, and education for both its movers and the consumer. Their ProMover certification program is key to helping fight “rogue movers,” dishonest or non-professional movers that cause the moving horror stories you may see in the media. The goal of the ProMover certification is to help the consumer identify professional, quality movers from among the pack.

Linda Bauer Darr, the president and CEO of the American Moving & Storage Association, has put a tremendous amount of work and dedication into providing Americans with a quality relocation experience. Nobody knows moving better than Linda Darr, so when it was time for her to move, she chose Wheaton World Wide and Olympia Moving & Storage to provide her relocation.

Linda Darr was already familiar with our company’s quality, as this was her second move with us. Upon the completion of her move, she sent us this thoughtful message:

“Thanks to Olympia Moving and the Wheaton Bekins team, I am happily ensconced in my new home in [northern Virginia]. The move went off without a hitch, just like it did last time your company moved me. The van operators and crew were fast, efficient, courteous and just all-around willing to help in any way possible to get the job done well. And they did what I know is a taxing physical job with smiles on their faces. What a tremendous team you have and your guys should make you proud – they made me proud of our industry and truly exemplified the ProMover mindset.

I want to especially recognize Rashod Butler and his crew of Marcel Buliga, Alexandru Aidinov, Andrei Talasman, Jorge Prada and Jo-Nathan Kelly who took such great care of my move and were unfailingly helpful and professional. I also want to thank Doug Myers, the General Manager at Olympia for his efforts coordinating with me to insure that it all went smoothly.

Thanks for everything you do for your customers and for our industry. And thanks for your personal support of my move. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Best wishes to everyone at Wheaton Bekins and Olympia from your friends at AMSA!

Linda Bauer Darr
President & CEO
American Moving & Storage Association”

Thank you Linda for taking the time to recognize our crew!  Click here to learn more about our crew, and if you want to hire our excellent crew, request an estimate.

Linda Darr also recently spoke to ABC news about the 8 Things You Need to Know Before Moving, an essential read for anyone planning a move!