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“Making our first move in 41 years was a bit daunting to us. BUT the entire Olympia family has made it 100% easier and less stressful. Everyone we “worked” with were patient, professional, and FUN!”

Mary M. | Groton, MA to Westford, MA

Moved June 2017

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“The moving crew was exceptional, we could not have asked for more! Many thanks for all the help, you made the day and this weekend unpacking much easier than we expected!”

Evan T.  |  Cambridge, MA to Arlington, MA

Moved June 2017

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“I have used Olympia as my go to mover for all family members; excellent line of communications established from the get go making the entire process less painful”

James C.  |  Newton, MA to Boston, MA

Moved June 2017

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“Nikita and Milai were exceptionally professional, organized and efficient, and very careful moving my furnishings.”

Linda L.  |  Arlington, VA to Alexandria, VA

Moved June 2017

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