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Once you have picked your moving company, make sure you have the right type of supplies to pack your items. From cardboard boxes, to shipping tape to bubble wrap and everything in between, the supplies you use matter.

Boxes throughout the packing and moving process undergo significant amounts of stress. From assembly to packing to rearranging within your home to placing on the truck, it is critical you have the quality and durability that can hold up to the shifting and jostling that can occur during a move.

Ensuring you have the right type of supplies is essential as well:

  • Smaller boxes are ideal for heavier items, such as books
  • Specialized packaging such as wardrobe boxes can offer a more organized and efficient way to pack and move your clothing
  • Beware of the type of tape you use, as not all tape is equal. There are significant differences in packing tape vs. shipping tape, as well as the strength of the adhesive within those tapes. One thing not to skimp on.
  • Always remember to protect your items and don’t leave any empty air in your boxes, which is a primary cause of damage. Depending on the type of items you’re packing, bubble wrap or kraft paper can mean the difference between items arriving damaged or not

Whether you’re making a local move or an international move, picking the right packing supplies will give you one less thing to worry about.

As the one stop moving shop, Olympia also offers full-service packing and un-packing. Using our expertise and quality products will almost guarantee a painless moving experience, allowing you to check one more thing off your list. And don’t forget, we also have short or long-term storage available in multiple warehouses across the country.

How do I get packing supplies?

A $25 delivery fee applies to customers within a 30-mile radius of Philadelphia, PA, Washington DCBoston, MA, or Austin, TX. If you’re not nearby and still want box delivery, we can ship for an additional charge, or you can arrange for a pickup at any one of our six warehouses across the country.

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  • Bundled Supplies

    Supplies assortment based on your move size
  • Price: $145.84 Quantity:
    Small Moving Boxes Package
    Great to start packing small apartments.
    Includes: 7 small boxes • 5 medium boxes • 5 large boxes • 2 large dish boxes • 1 small picture/mirror box • 1 large picture/mirror box • 1 ream of paper (25 lbs. each) • 3 rolls of tape
  • Price: $356.76 Quantity:
    Medium Moving Boxes Package
    Ideal for packing large apartments, townhouses, and small homes.
    Includes: 12 small boxes • 15 medium boxes • 15 large boxes • 4 large dish boxes • 4 small picture/mirror boxes • 2 large picture/mirror boxes • 2 reams of paper (25 lbs. each) • 8 rolls of tape
  • Price: $583.27 Quantity:
    Large Moving Boxes Package
    Best choice for packing standard single family homes.
    Includes: 20 small boxes • 25 medium boxes • 25 large boxes • 8 large dish boxes • 5 small picture/mirror boxes • 5 large picture/mirror boxes • 3 reams of paper (25 lbs. each) • 10 rolls of tape
  • Custom Packing Materials

  • Price: $2.88 Quantity:
    (books, CDs, etc.)
  • Price: $4.38 Quantity:
    (pots, pans, etc.)
  • Price: $5.12 Quantity:
    (linens, clothes, etc.)
  • Price: $6.78 Quantity:
    (lampshades, etc.)
  • Price: $8.44 Quantity:
    (china, glassware, etc.)
  • Price: $5.62 Quantity:
  • Price: $5.90 Quantity:
  • Price: $18.25 Quantity:
  • Price: $7.80 Quantity:
    (Small paintings, mirrors or glass shelves)
  • Price: $8.64 Quantity:
    (Large paintings, mirrors or flat glass items)
  • Price: $60.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $1.75 Quantity:
    Wrap small fragile items such as vases
  • Price: $2.00 Quantity:
    Protect large fragile items such as paintings
  • Price: $33.25 Quantity:
    Wrap fragile items such as dishes
  • Price: $3.87 Quantity:
  • Price: $6.75 Quantity:
    (table lamps, golf clubs, etc.)
  • Price: $20.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $7.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $25.00
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