Olympia prides itself on our top-notch employees. Unfortunately, accidents are possible and sometimes occur as part of the moving process. For this reason, we provide our clients additional valuation protection, in the event of any damage.

Our moving team will request that customers estimate a valuation of their belongings prior to the start of the move. Olympia Moving & Storage’s level of liability for damage or loss correlates to your valuation selection. Your belongings do not get automatic coverage for full value during moving. Customers select their preferred protection on their bill of lading, which is presented on the move day. This represents your contract with Olympia Moving & Storage, and this must happen before the beginning of moving or packing services.

Professional Packing Services

Customers will be offered the following valuation choices:

Option 1: Replacement Cost Valuation – This choice is recommended as it covers the cost of replacement, repair, or full non-depreciated value and results in the moving company paying if damage happens while the belongings are in their possession. If the item is not able to be repaired and is not available for like replacement, a similar item or the cash value will be paid, pending value proof and deductible application.

Option 2: $0.60/ lb. Per item. – Option 2 is the minimal legal amount of coverage required by the government and is provided at no charge. This stipulates a maximum liability if goods are lost or damaged. (Note: option 2 is $1/lb. only in the state of New Jersey)

Example: A ten-pound piece of furniture is lost or damaged. Under Option 1, the item would be repaired, replaced, or a cash settlement would be provided that reflects the full value of the item minus a deductible. Option 2 entitles the owner to 10 multiplied by $0.60/ lb., equating to $6 for that chair, maximum reimbursed value.

Olympia Moving & Storage: Expertise and Established Storage Valuation Programs

Choosing an established moving company such as Olympia Moving & Storage ensures that you worked with a recognized and established moving and storage company with insurance and storage valuation programs.

We have an excellent track record for low-claim moving with a team well versed in packing and moving training. We go to great lengths to provide you with a seamless relocation, whether you hire us for moving only, or for packing and unpacking services. Whether you are moving to or from Boston, MA, Washington DC, Philadelphia, PA, or Austin, TX every member of our team strives to make your experience with us a positive one, as reflected by our reputation and great customer reviews.

Valuation Options and Pricing

Our valuation programs vary by move type. Please thoroughly review the valuation options, pricing, and information for your relocation.

Important Notes On Valuation

Storage Valuation

Storage ValuationWhen storage is provided under the Limited Liability plan, there is no valuation charge and your household goods will be covered at 60 cents per pound per article. When Full Replacement Value Protection is selected for your relocation, the same coverage will automatically be applied while your goods remain in storage. The cost for this coverage option is 15% of the selected transit valuation amount for each month that your goods remain in storage. During the storage period, Olympia, as the carrier (not the warehouseman), will be liable for your goods to the same extent as during the actual transportation.

Click here for more information & pricing (.pdf).

Note: Extraordinary Value

Under the Full Replacement Value Protection option, you will also need to prepare and retain a copy of the “Declaration Items of Extraordinary Value” for any boxes containing items of value in excess of $5,000 or a single item or matching sets of items with a value of $5,000 or more that are included in your shipment and give a copy of this declaration to the mover’s representative. The mover’s liability for loss of or damage to any article valued in excess of $5,000 will be limited to 60 cents per pound for each pound of such lost or damaged article, unless you specifically identify such articles on the extraordinary value declaration. It is your responsibility to study these provisions and to make the necessary declaration.

Click here to download a copy of the “Declaration Items of Extraordinary Value” form (.pdf).

Note: Limits to Liability Coverage

Limits to Liability CoveragePlease note the below situations where your liability plan may be limited or terminated:

Contents of a box packed by the client may not be fully covered as Olympia Moving cannot verify the contents’ condition or if the client used correct packing techniques. In the event that a box packed by a client is misplaced or lost during transit or storage, Olympia’s maximum liability would be $85 per missing carton as Olympia Moving cannot verify the carton’s contents. Contents of boxes with external signs of damage or mishandling and contents of all boxes packed by the Olympia Moving crew are fully covered by the valuation option you select.

If your goods are delivered to a public storage facility, the liability of Olympia will terminate. Therefore, the shipment must be inspected at the time of delivery to the storage unit in the presence of the driver, and any loss or damage must be recorded in the “Exceptions” column of the carrier’s original inventory at the time of unloading. If you desire to have Olympia continue to be responsible under the Bill of Lading liability provisions, you can have your shipment placed in storage with Olympia.