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Have a moving-related question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our company and services.


What is my local move estimate based on?

Your Olympia estimator will take the time to walk through your move and build your estimate based on the number and type of items you are transporting. The estimate is based on time and materials and is calculated from when the crew leaves the warehouse until they return. Also, please note there may be a minimum number of hours for jobs serviced out of our Boston area warehouse. If you need professional movers, give Olympia Moving & Storage a call today.

What is my interstate move estimate based on?

Although there are some additional variables considered when providing an interstate estimate, the primary factors are weight, distance, and packing. If you are looking for moving companies, choose Olympia Moving & Storage.

How accurate will my estimate be?

Moving is a reciprocal process. Your estimator is working with the information provided by you. Assuming there are no significant changes, 15% above or below is considered an acceptable threshold for estimates. For more information on our movers, give us a call today.

How and when is payment made?

Before the day of the move, we require a 50% deposit. The remaining balance will be charged automatically upon completion of the move. Interstate moves do not require a deposit. Payment for interstate moves is required once the final weights of the shipment are obtained prior to delivery. If you are looking for reliable moving companies, look no further than Olympia Moving & Storage.

Do you provide packing materials?

Olympia provides a wide variety of packing supplies and additional resources to help support you throughout your move. We are happy to help you order moving supplies or request additional information. We offer delivery of packing supplies to your residence for a minimal delivery fee. Give our movers a call today to get started!

What are the key elements of a successful move?

Communication is key! We cannot stress this enough. It is very important to keep the lines of communication open and to discuss changes in scope with your Olympia coordinator prior to your move day. Label your boxes carefully. This will save you and the team significant time when unloading your items and as you settle into your new residence. Olympia offers free printable labels! For all boxed items, label the top and two adjacent sides with:

  • destination room
  • contents
  • your name

Lastly, stack your boxes around the perimeter of the room one row deep so the movers have access to all items at any time. If you need reliable movers, give Olympia Moving & Storage a call today.

How do I avoid surprises on my move day?

Explore our Move Planning Center for essential resources and guides. It has blogs, videos, articles, and more to help you plan. Following are a few important tips:

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!
  • If there are any special circumstances, please make sure to discuss these with your sales representative and/or your moving coordinator.
  • If changes arise, reach out to your dedicated coordinator and we can adapt and adjust accordingly.
  • Surprises cost time and money, so communicating changes is critical to a smooth move.
  • Be prepared! The crew needs your full attention. Last-minute packing while the crew is working in the residence costs time and money.

Download one of our planning calendars here. This is a helpful tool that frames out the weeks leading up to move day. If you are looking for quality moving companies, choose Olympia Moving & Storage.

What do I absolutely need to do in the weeks leading up to my move?

Once you have confirmed your booking with Olympia Moving & Storage, you will see links in your email to accept the terms and conditions and pay the 50% deposit through our secure portal. You will also make a valuation selection. Make sure to check your options for liability coverage. For more information, please give our movers a call. We want to make this process as simple as possible for our customers.

What should I expect from Olympia Moving & Storage leading up to move day?

We take pride in our communication and will send you several emails to make sure you are prepared for move day. Our communication flow is designed to eliminate unwanted surprises. You will be assigned a dedicated moving coordinator who will guide you through the process.

You can expect three separate calls leading up to the day of the move as well as one call on the day of the move to check in and provide any needed support. Additionally, you are welcome to call your dedicated moving coordinator at any point. If you cannot reach your dedicated coordinator, feel free to call (1-800) 222-4744 and anyone on our customer service team can assist. If you are looking for reliable moving companies, look no further than Olympia Moving & Storage.

What is expected of me on move day?

Ensure you are fully ready for your movers to arrive and that there is a clear path in and out of the house with direct access to all items being transported. Upon the crew’s arrival, you will lead a walkthrough with the foreman to point out all items being moved. The walkthrough will help the crew understand the scope and provide an opportunity to ask questions.

Make sure to stay on the property and in a central location for the duration of the move. Make yourself available for questions. Once all items are loaded, you will accompany the foreman for a final walkthrough of the residence and confirm, in writing, that all items have been removed. During the delivery, it is important to stay in the entryway so that you can direct the movers. Items come off the truck quickly and we need you to be available for any questions from our movers.

How can I be a great moving client?

According to OnCue, professional moving services help Americans with about 650 thousand moves every year. To make the moving process as easy as possible, try to provide clear directions on moving day. Be fully prepared and clear on where items should be unloaded into your new home. Additionally, be fully available to the crew for the entirety of the move day. Lastly, communicate in advance any changes to your coordinator like additional items, packing requirements, etc. If you need reliable movers, give Olympia Moving & Storage a call today.

What is expected of my movers on move day?

Expect the crew to show up on time and in uniform. There are two time windows in which they will show up:

  • 7-10 AM — Our crew will provide a call ahead and typically arrives within 30 min of the specified start time.
  • 12-4 PM – Our crew will provide a call ahead. This four-hour window allows our teams some flexibility based on the morning schedule and work involved.

The foreman and crew will introduce themselves and will ask for a walkthrough of the property. After the walkthrough, the team will prepare the home for the move. Our team will treat your family with kindness and respect. Once the team has finished loading your items at the origin location, the foreman will obtain a signature from you stating that all items have been removed from the residence. After your items are unloaded at the destination location, the foreman will obtain a signature from you stating that all items have been delivered to your satisfaction by our movers.

What should I do with jewelry, keys, important documents, or anything else I don’t want Olympia to move?

As you begin the packing process, set aside one area to place these important items and clearly communicate your intentions to the crew. A second bathroom is often a good place to put the belongings. Clearly label the area “do not move.” For more information, please give us a call today. Our movers want to ensure your belongings are kept safe at all times.

What constitutes a successful move?

A successful move to our standards starts with the Olympia crew arriving on time and in uniform. They will work hard and diligently throughout the day. The client’s needs, requests, and directions are understood and acted upon. The client and their family are treated with courtesy and respect. All items are loaded and delivered without incident. Lastly, we want to ensure the actual cost of the move, once completed, is within 15% of the quoted total (assuming no scope changes). As one of the most trustworthy moving companies, we want you to be satisfied with both the experience and the cost.

Does Olympia Moving only serve the areas around your warehouses?

Whether you’re looking for movers in Boston, Philly, D.C., Austin, or anywhere in between, we have the experience and network to complete the move, no matter how complicated it may be. Olympia has over 20 years of moving experience and we complete local, national, international, and commercial moves to any destination you can think of!

We’re not just a Boston moving company or a Philly moving company, etc. We are an experienced, high-quality, and customer-focused moving and storage provider. We have storage services available no matter where your move takes place. Give our movers a call today to get started!