Pictures and mirrors are typically easier to pack than other fragile items.  The key is having the right packing materials for the job.  Smaller pictures should be placed inside a Dishpack carton; while larger pictures should go inside a specialized mirror/picture box.

Packing A Picture Frame
Packing A Picture Frame to Arrive Undamaged

Once you setup the mirror carton, place a layer of crumpled up paper on the bottom-of the box to provide cushioning.  Size permitting, 2 pictures of like size should be packed into each box.  Each picture should be carefully and individually wrapped with paper or bubble wrap.  It is important that pictures are loaded either face-to-face or back-to-back in order to prevent any marring or damage to glass.

Once both pictures have been inserted into the container, fill in any excess space around the perimeter of the box with paper.  Try not to overfill the middle of the box with paper.  An overfilled box will be significantly bowed in the mid-section and has the potential to create damage (especially with canvas paintings).

Once you have finished the packing, pick up the box and gently shake it.  If you hear any movement inside the box, then additional paper is required to properly secure the contents.

Labeling is important.  Make sure that you label your mirror cartons on flat surfaces with your name, the room that the paintings came out of, and an arrow indicating the top of the box.  The word “fragile” should also be prominently displayed on the container.

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