Unpacking is often overlooked as part of the moving process, and rarely do people set aside enough time to complete it.  The result is that boxes remain unpacked months after you have moved into your new home.  Following are some basic tips for a successful unpack:

1)     Make sure that when you are packing, every box is carefully labeled with your name, the room that the box came out of, and the contents of the box.  This will make the process of unpacking MUCH easier.

Man Unpacking Boxes
Careful Unpacking is Just as Important as Packing

2)     If possible, allot one day after your move to unpack and settle into your new home.

3)     Put your friends and family to work and have them help by unpacking books and clothes.  Hopefully they will be appreciative of the fact that you did not ask them to help you move!

4)     Start by unpacking the absolute essentials and then work as a team and go room by room through your residence.  This makes the experience much more pleasant and ensures that all items get fully unpacked.

5)     When unpacking, try and stack the box that you are unpacking onto another box or a raised surface to avoid having to repeatedly bend at the waist and potentially injure your back.

6)     Designate an area within your new residence to put used packing materials in the interest of not cluttering your new home.

7)     Break down the boxes as you unpack them in order to avoid creating an unnecessary mess.

8)     Donate or sell your used boxes.


If the above seems too burdensome, consider contacting Olympia Moving to schedule an unpacking service or debris removal service.  This is an economical approach that takes a lot of the stress out of moving in.