One of the biggest challenges for Olympia’s move consultants is to provide an accurate estimate when the client indicates that they are going to sell a significant portion of their goods prior to the move.  In this scenario, the best of intentions are often eclipsed by the practical time constraints of preparing for your move.  Typically this means that clients end up relocating numerous unwanted items to the new residence. Here are some quick tips to help you avoid moving more than you really need to.

Tips to Getting Rid of Items Before Moving

1)     While it is reassuring to see a low number on your estimate, keep in mind that the estimate is based upon the “articles and services” listed.  Underestimating the number of items to be transported can translate into an inaccurate quotation.  When presenting the items to be relocated to your move consultant, be realistic and as inclusive as possible. Olympia Moving Consultation|Boston MA Moving Tips

2)     Do not assume that items will be quickly and easily disposed of at a yard sale.  Leave as much time as possible between the yard sale and your move date.

3)     Post items on Ebay and/or Craig’s List.

4)     Consider making a donation of furniture, clothing or canned food to the Salvation Army or a local food bank.  Not only will you benefit from the applicable tax deduction, but donations like these make a huge difference in our communities.

Be Prepared Before Your Move

Above all, be protective of your time and don’t try to do too much in the limited window leading up to your moving date.  The single biggest determinant of a successful relocation is how prepared you are on the day of your move.  Failure to be fully packed can lead to significant delays and cost overruns.  If you need assistance with packing, please contact your relocation consultant.