A good move hinges upon communication, preparation, planning and teamwork.  However, it bad movingcan be difficult to sort through the available information, in order to identify these qualities in the companies that are competing for your business.

Following are some tips for separating the best from the rest.

  1. Did the sales representative arrive on time for your in-home appointment, or were you getting excuses right off the bat?
  2. Did the sales representative dress in a respectful manner indicative of the fact that he/she was being invited into your personal domain?  In case there was any doubt, a tank-top does not qualify as respectful.
  3. Were all of your questions answered to your satisfaction?  By the end of the appointment, do you feel that you understood the process?
  4. Once the appointment is finished (but before you commit), try calling the main number and asking for “customer service.”  This can be quite revealing in terms of the level of service you can expect going forward.
  5. Assume that there is a wide degree of variation between movers, and let the company’s representative explain to you what the salient differences are.
  6. Disregard any company that is not interested in reviewing an itemized inventory  list over the phone or in-person.  It is imperative that the moving company understand the scope of the job before accepting your business.  To send 3 movers and a truck to a client’s residence without a detailed understanding of the requirements is a recipe for failure.
  7. If at all possible, make a surprise visit to the company’s warehouse/offices.  Out of all of the suggestions listed above, this will likely be the most illuminating.  Moving is about the details and “getting it right,” and it is amazing the more people do not take the time to properly investigate who will be handling their personal possessions.  A messy warehouse, parking lot or office is a strongly negative indication of performance.  If you feel, in any way, that you are not welcome at the facility, then you should not consider using the services of that company.