It is ultimately the movers themselves who largely dictate the client experience.  Finding a great moving crew capable of delivering on our service commitment is a constant challenge.  Regardless of the training we provide, there are some inherent characteristics that we try to identify as part of our hiring process.

  • Listening: A moving crew chief needs to be able to quickly synthesize information emanating from his team and the client.  It is imperative that they listen, comprehend, and then act.
  • Endurance: Physical strength is obviously one facet of the position, but Olympia Moving Crewendurance and mental toughness are much more important.  Running up and down stairs for 8 straight hours is about willpower; and the best movers are not necessarily the strongest.
  • Communication: A crew chief needs to be able to maintain control of a very dynamic environment and ensure that everyone is on task and that the job is on estimate.  They need to quickly and efficiently communicate with their client, moving crew, and dispatcher in order to ensure a smooth move.
  • Understanding: Despite the pressure to complete the job on-time and on-estimate, it is also important that a crew chief is capable of understanding client concerns and, as necessary, modifying his approach in order to adequately address these concerns.  Keeping the client abreast of progress also helps to alleviate any unnecessary stress.
  • Accountability: We need people who are accountable for their actions.  Ultimately the crew chief is in charge, and anything that happens over the course of the move is a reflection on his performance.
  • Ambition: Taking charge of a moving crew requires leadership and quick decision making.  We look for crew chiefs that seek out challenges and want to be held responsible.
  • Leadership: A good crew chief may be managing up to 25 people on a commercial job.  They need to load the truck, but also control the process and the team.  All of this while simultaneously setting and managing client expectations.

We are always looking for great people.  If you, a friend, or colleague might be interestesd in learning what it takes to become a crew chief at Olympia, please contact Josh Croteau, Head of Recruiting, at:  For more information, click here.