In contrast to the suburbs such as Newton or Wellesley, moving in or out of Boston can be a logistical challenge.  Tight streets in the North End, Beacon Hill, Charlestown and the South End require special parking permits and are inaccessible to larger trucks.  It is imperative that you work with a company that is familiar with these areas in order to avoid unwanted surprises.  Plan ahead so that the necessary permits can be obtained well in advance of your move date.

Boston MovingStairs and tight spaces are a way of life in the Boston Metro Area; and Olympia earned its reputation by proving that we could efficiently and safely operate in these conditions.  When items will not fit, hand-hoisting and/or craning are the two available options.  Both of these require advanced planning and we suggest contacting your move coordinator if you feel this may be applicable to your move.

Given all of the colleges and universities in the immediate vicinity of Boston, and the many apartment moves happening in the first weekend of the month, timing is relevant.   If possible, we suggest avoiding moving at the end of August or beginning of September when all of the students are moving back to school. Boston effectively becomes a parking lot during this time which can result in unwanted delays.  If you MUST move during this timeframe, make sure that you schedule your relocation as early as possible.   Olympia operates on a first come first serve basis, and typically the end of August books out 4-6 weeks in advance.