Moving into or out of Alexandria, Arlington, or Washington DC requires an in-depth understanding of the streets and access conditions.  In contrast with some of the more removed DC suburbs, truck access needs to be considered and parking permits are often required.  Washington DC does not allow any tractor-trailers into the city, and therefore smaller straight trucks must be used.

Alexandria MovingWhile newer developments typically have better access for movers, some of the older buildings and row houses can be challenging.  Tight staircases and small entryways are par for the course and can make moving a piano challenging.  To address this scenario, all of our crew chiefs receive significant training with hand-hoisting and, as required, we will also use a crane for bigger pieces.

Largely owing to the numbers of government employees in the area, the DC Metro is the most transient market in the country.  In an environment in which there are so many temporary residents, storage can be a great alternative to trying to cram all of your belongings into a small space.