Commercial Movers

Recently, Olympia’s commercial moving division has seen significant growth in both our Massachusetts and Virginia operations.  We have completed noteworthy projects for Northeastern University, Boston College, and numerous Coldwell Banker Offices.

Office Moving CrewMoving a company, office, or academic institution requires a very different skill set than is needed for residential moving.  Some of the basic tenets still apply in terms of teamwork and communication; however the requisite training is very different.

A successful commercial relocation typically entails the following:

  • Great client-level communication from inception to completion
  • An office point person capable of internally facilitating the move
  • A cohesive move plan that is communicated to all employees
  • Careful labeling of all workstations to avoid confusion upon delivery
  • Use of static-free computer bags to store electronics
  • Disposal of unwanted items and shredding prior to moving day

Olympia’s commercial relocation team guides our clients through the entire process; including pre-move planning and staff training.

For more information on Olympia’s office and industrial moving services, contact:

Todd Davis
Massachusetts Commercial Sales


Doug Myers
Virginia Commercial Sales
Tel: 703-229-0266

Building a Culture of Success

A successful relocation requires infrastructure, training, and seamless internal and external communication.  Every day the Olympia team makes a commitment to “getting it right,” and then does everything within our power to live up to this commitment. Pride of performance and accountability are the foundations upon which our company was built.

Following are some of the areas that distinguish Olympia from the rest of the moving industry:

People:  Olympia places significant emphasis on identifying and retaining a great team of people.  Ultimately our systems, processes and technology are only as good as the people that make the business run.  Olympia retains Josh Croteau to manage our recruiting.

Olympia Moving VansEquipment/Technology: Olympia is committed to outfitting our crews and office staff with the right tools for the job.  All of our salespeople are provided with tablet pc’s, mobile printers, and wifi enabled smartphones.

Processes/Systems: Given that we will facilitate close to 4,000 relocations in 2012, it is imperative that we adhere to specific processes and protocols so that each and every client can expect outstanding service.

Training: Perhaps the single biggest factor differentiating us from the competition is Olympia’s continual investment in our people.  Regardless of prior experience, Olympia’s crew members receive significant front-end training, in addition to ongoing career development.

Communication: Communication is integral to building a successful company culture.  Customer feedback is filtered directly to the crew members in order to assist and inform their ongoing training.

While building and maintaining a positive culture is a never-ending process, we feel that we are on the right track.   In 2011, more than 95% of survey respondents indicated that they would recommend our services to family and friends.