We take care in moving high value itemsOlympia prides itself on our top notch employees. Unfortunately, the nature of the relocation industry is such that accidents happen. Be prepared and make sure you have procured valuation coverage in case of potential loss or damage.

In the interest of properly covering your goods, notify your move coordinator of any pieces of “extraordinary value” (items with a value in excess of $100 per pound). For example, a five pound painting worth $1000, would equate to $200 per pound, and therefore falls into this category. Items of extraordinary value might include currency, jewelry, precious stones or metals, china or crystal, fur, antiques, art, manuscripts or rare documents.

These items need to be listed on a declaration of extraordinary value inventory form (also called a high value inventory form). This form helps ensure that the crew brings the right materials with them on the day of your job; and also that you are fully covered in the event of a claim on one of these articles.

If your high value items are not listed on this inventory form, you run the risk of receiving a lesser value for this item if damage or loss were to occur.

Be sure you pack all your high value and fragile items carefully. Consider hiring professionals to assist you with the packing.