Your move is finally over, and it’s time to enjoy your new home with your kids. What are you going to do with all these boxes and packing materials? Why not let the kids have some fun and help them build a box fort?

This craft is a perfect way to re-use moving supplies and let your kids’ imaginations run wild.

Supplies you’ll need include boxes (the bigger the better!), a box cutter (for adult use only), duct tape, paint or markers, and packing paper.

Start by having your kids put together a plan for the fort. The possibilities are endless!

Following are some options:

  • Stack and tape together some small (1.5 size) boxes “brick-style” to create three walls and use a disassembled box as a roof. This will give your fort a “house” like feel.
  • Flip a large box (such as a refrigerator, wardrobe, or mattress box) upside down and cut off one side for an entrance.
  • Completely disassemble some boxes and tape them together into a wide, standing cylinder, then cut a hole on one side for an entrance. This should give you a silo-style fort with some good height. Use another disassembled box or a blanket as a ceiling.
  • Disassemble only the bottoms of the boxes, then layer the boxes inside each other to create a large tunnel or crawlspace.

Once the body of the fort is assembled, it’s time to let your kids start decorating! Lay some packing paper under the fort so cleanup is easier. Give your kids markers, paints, stickers, sequins, glue, construction paper, and kid-safe scissors to work with.

When the fort is finished, help them make it a fun place to hang out. Furnish the inside with blankets, pillows, beanbag chairs, and Christmas lights.

Be sure to build the fort in a basement, playroom, or bedroom, because once your kids have their fort, they won’t want to take it down!

Here’s some examples for inspiration:

Large, tunneel-style box fortOle! A southwestern style box fort













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