Sometimes moving isn’t as simple as going from point A to point B, and there need to be a few extra stops in between.  Common pick-up or delivery extra stops include self-storage units, a friend or relative’s residence, or an office.  Adding more elements to your move does not have to add confusion as long as you’re prepared.  Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

If you have extra pick-ups in your move that are beyond a few furniture pieces, let your moving company know while you’re setting up a survey appointment.  Your moving consultant may want to view the extra stop during the survey.  Seeing the rest of your household goods and the access at the extra stop location will help him give you a more accurate estimate and prepare the crew for the move.

For extra deliveries, give your moving coordinator a list of the items and boxes to be dropped off there before move day.  This will help the crew better organize and avoid delivering items to the incorrect location.  If your extra delivery is more than a few pieces, ask the crew to bring different colored stickers to label the items before they’re put on the truck, a separate color for each delivery location.

If your extra stop is a self-storage facility, call the facility beforehand for hours and moving truck rules.  If you are not accompanying the crew to the storage facility, let the facility know beforehand that you are sending a moving crew, and be sure the crew has any necessary keys or combination codes.

Adding extra stops is relatively easy for both local and interstate moves providing that the extra stop is relatively close to the origin or destination address.  However, adding extra stops in different cities during an interstate move can add complexity and expense.  Be sure to discuss thoroughly with your moving consultant and coordinator.

Be sure to confirm with your move coordinator which stop the crew should arrive to first on moving day.