Avoiding the snow is one of the reasons most choose to move in the summer.  As year round movers in Boston, MA and Washington, DC we’ve seen our share of Nor’easters and chilly days.  Our crews are tough and always persevere through whatever Mother Nature throws our way, but customers can take a few simple steps to make the movers more comfortable, expedite the move, and even save a little money while moving in the cold and snow.

Keep in touch with your movers.  If you know some brutal wintery conditions are coming your way, feel free to call your moving coordinator with your concerns.  If you have the flexibility, it might be possible to shift the dates of local moves and services to avoid the snow.  It is extremely rare for Olympia to close the office due to weather, and we will certainly contact you with as much notice as possible if this is the case.

Shovel before the crew arrives.  Our crew members are more than happy to do all the necessary shoveling for you, but adding the task of shoveling adds time and money to your move.  If you want to avoid those charges, it’s best to get rid of the snow before the truck arrives.  Be sure to clear a spot for the truck to park, either in the driveway or street, as well as pathways for the crew between the truck and the entrances.

Salt the pathways.  It is extremely important for the crew to keep their balance while they are carrying your precious furniture in slippery and icy conditions.  The crew will bring salt, but the sooner the pathways are salted, the sooner it is safe for the crew to start loading the truck.  Therefore, like shoveling, it’s helpful to put salt down prior to the movers’ arrival.

Turn down the heat.  As the crew comes in and out, the door will be open to the cold air for a good portion of the move.  Additionally, it’s uncomfortable for the bundled up movers to come into a toasty house from the cold.  By putting on a jacket and turning down the heat, you’ll save a little money on wasted heat and put the crew at ease.

Floor protection.  Snow, mud, slush, and salt can lead to a mess under movers’ boots.  Therefore, in the winter, we always put down extra floor protection to protect your home from a mess.  If you have extra mats, put them by the door to help the crew clean their boots before entering your home.

Go for a Dunkin’ Donuts run.  Chilly movers will never say no to warm coffee!