A new Olympia crew member in training to learn the right way to wrap furniture

Before you start bringing your furniture out to the truck:  stop!  There’s still a few steps you need to take to make sure your home and furniture will get through the move damage-free.  Here are some precautions the professionals at Olympia Moving take every time to prep and protect furniture for moving.  You can adopt these tips like a pro if you’re moving yourself, or you can make your life much easier and get an estimate for full-service moving.

– The first step is to make sure you have the right materials.  You can purchase shrink wrap, bubble kraft,  disposable furniture pads, and tape from many moving companies.  You can find the order form for free materials delivery from Olympia Moving here.

– Disassemble as much furniture as possible, including beds, futons, and dining sets.  This will make your furniture less bulky and easier to move.  Keep organized by putting all the corresponding bolts and screws in a plastic baggie and tape it to the furniture piece.

– Shrink wrap your furniture.  Not only is this a cheap way to keep your furniture clean in the truck, but it keeps drawers shut in transit.  Alternatively, tape drawers shut so they don’t fall open.

– For fragile items and furniture with sharp corners, wrap the furniture in old blankets or furniture pads.  This prevents damage to the piece and protects your new or former home if the furniture bumps into floors and walls on its way out.

– Also consider taping furniture pads to walls and railings inside your home.  This is especially relevant in tight spaces like stairwells where furniture can scratch or gouge the walls as you move it through.  Maybe you can get your security deposit back!

– Once your furniture is in the truck, prevent large pieces from shifting in transit with straps and bungee cords.  Some rental trucks already come with these supplies, or you can request them.

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