Boston might not be one of the fastest growing cities in the country, after all, the city has been around since 1630!  The city grew just 5% between 2000 and 2010 according to latest census data.  However, there’s still a lot of Boston moving, and some Boston neighborhoods are growing faster than others.  Recent neighborhood growth trends are often a pretty good indicator of which areas are up-and-coming and a great place to make a home.  If you’re looking to move in Boston, these five neighborhoods might be a good place to start:

Boston Moving

(All numbers refer to neighborhood growth between 2000 and 2010, source)

Downtown Boston, 46% growth

Downtown, which includes Chinatown and the Leather District, is by far the fastest-growing area in Boston.  This neighborhood boasted 5,000 more residents in 2010 than it did on 2000.

Fenway/Kenmore, 15% growth

Though growth in Fenway lags far behind downtown, its second place spot definitely points to a surge of vitality in this neighborhood.  It’s easy to see why, who wouldn’t want easy access to the Red Sox and Fenway?

Allston, 14% growth

A popular neighborhood with students and young professionals, growth in Allston is an indicator of the strength of Boston’s young population, thanks to the city’s many universities.

Roxbury/Mission Hill, 14% growth

The advancement of Longwood Medical Center may be a factor in this area’s growth.

South End/Bay Village, 12% growth

Home to some of the hippest new shops, restaurants, and bars, the South End will definitely continue to be attractive to new residents.

Of course, after you find the perfect neighborhood, it’s time to find the perfect Boston mover!  Olympia Moving & Storage has a lot of experience moving our clients in all these areas!  If you’re looking to move to one of these neighborhoods, or anywhere else in the greater Boston area, click here to request a free estimate!

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