Olympia at Fort Belvoir
Olympia on the job at Fort Belvoir

Olympia Moving & Storage is at it again! For the past three months our commercial movers out of Alexandria, VA have been working with a military logistics firm at Fort Myer in Arlington, VA. The project was to assist with renovating a 50 room hotel on Fort Myer.

This project has Olympia using its full menu of commercial moving services: warehousing, deliveries, installation, and debris removal.

Olympia received all of the new furniture for this project at our warehouse, and over the past several months we worked to ensure the renovation went as smoothly as possible.

Brock, a site foreman on the job, said “I have worked on similar projects across the country and Olympia has been by far the easiest to work with.  We get what we need from them when we need it and couldn’t ask for more.”

Recently, Olympia has been asked to assist with a similar but much larger project at Fort Belvoir. This project will certainly be a welcome challenge and our staff will no doubt handle it with the professionalism and competence we demonstrate on every commercial move!

Do you need help preparing for a renovation or another type of commercial move? Please feel free to contact Rob Weeks in commercial business development at [email protected] or visit this link to set up a free estimate.  We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you.

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