Smart Packing with Adam of Benezra Boxes

Benezra BoxesWhen it comes to moving, Adam Benezra, entrepreneur and owner of Benezra Boxes, is an expert. He was a mover for Gentle Giant for four years, but even after a back injury, Adam wasn’t ready to leave the moving industry.  Instead, he started his own business.

Says Adam “At the time, recycling was really gaining steam and using used moving boxes wasn’t anything new.  I just decided to market it more aggressively and also add my moving knowledge to help give customers free advice.”

Benezra Boxes was born.  Fifteen years later Adam still maintains his business in Winchester, MA.   Benezra Boxes focuses on picking up and selling used moving boxes.  Adam also leverages his industry expertise to offer relocation management services.  Customers who utilize Adam’s service can sit back and let Adam plan their move and procure estimates, as well as managing their packing.

When our clients ask us how to get obtain or get rid of used boxes we know to send them to Adam. It’s great to see someone conquer this needed niche in the moving industry.

How did you come up with the idea of Benezra Boxes?

“When I was a kid, I was raised by my aunt and uncle and my aunt started the recycling program in Melrose. And my uncle was always encouraging me to start my own business, they were very supportive.”

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Olympia Raises $4,390 for Special Olympics MA!

Olympia Moving & Storage Over the EdgeOn Friday, Michael Gilmartin, president of Olympia Moving & Storage, conquered his fear of heights and rappelled down a 22-story hotel in Boston, MA in support of Special Olympics athletes.

Michael and Olympia Moving & Storage were participating in Special Olympics Massachusetts’ Over the Edge event. This unique fundraising event gives participants who raise at least $1,000 the chance to rappel down the Hyatt Regency in downtown Boston.

This is Special Olympics Massachusetts’ third annual Over the Edge event, and the first Over the Edge event for Olympia Moving & Storage.

Olympia asked for contributions from friends, family, business partners, and fellow Wheaton | Bekins agents. We shattered our goal of $3,000 and raised a total of $4,390 for Special Olympics athletes and programs!

Michael was a bit apprehensive about going Over the Edge. “I have a fear of heights, so it took some convincing to commit me to Over the Edge. Seeing everyone pitch in for Special Olympics motivated me. The toughest part was letting go of the safety rail at the top of the building, but after that, it was actually fun. Thank you so much to all our contributors, I wouldn’t have done this rappel for a cause any less worthy than Special Olympics Massachusetts!”

Olympia Moving & Storage is a proud corporate partner for Special Olympics Massachusetts. We contribute year-round to the organization with in-kind donations of crews & trucks for events, corporate fundraising, employee volunteerism, and more. You can learn more about Olympia Moving & Special Olympics at

You can check out more pictures and video from the event below:

Olympia Moving & Storage is very grateful to their contributors for their generous contributions to Special Olympics Massachusetts:

The Executives at Wheaton Worldwide Moving

Fred Harrison of Victory Packaging

Arena One

Mark Garipay of Ryder Transportation

Mark Kirschner of Wheaton Worldwide Moving

David Backman of Permit Puller

Shelle Design

The Hunt Family

Craig at Bekins Transfer & Storage

Brian Maloney

Budd Cardone of EuroUSA

Brendan Powers

The Applebaum Family

Carolyn Powers

Jennifer G

The Brynczka’s

Mary Gilmartin

Andrew Gilmartin

Amy Johnson

Nicole Deane

Janeen Neale

James Gilmartin

Sofia Sebastian

Becky Warren

John & Cristin Mitchell

Liviu Leordean

& others!

Post-Move Organization Inspiration

Avoid becoming this person!  From XKCD

After the movers leave, setting up your new home may be daunting, but that’s where the fun can begin!

Before you start unpacking, consider some ideas to make a fresh start.  These post-move organization tips will help you save space and create a beautiful, practical home.

Utilize Your Movers

One of the best ways to jump start organization is a bit of pre-move planning.  Create a floor plan of the placement of your furniture in the new house.  There are some fantastic, free online tools to assist you.  This plan will allow you to direct the movers to place the furniture in the perfect spot on delivery day.  Remember, if you’re moving locally the charges are by the hour, so your advance plan will save you and the movers from time-consuming and expensive feng shui experimentation!


You’re in your new home and the truck is empty, but there’s still a lot to be done.  Unpacking can be a daunting prospect, especially if you just packed!  Did you know that your mover may offer unpacking services?   Olympia can jump start the settling into your new home and remove those pesky boxes with our unpacking services.

Call in the Experts

Maybe you crave organization, but it’s just not your forte.  Fortunately, there’s organization professionals who are eager to lend a hand.  Consider getting an organization consultation.  Here are a few great, local companies that can help you out:

Boston:  The Little Details | Ditch the Clutter | Organizing Boston | Sort It Out

Washington D.C.:  The Organizing Agency

Philadelphia:  JM Home Organizing

Get Inspired

We created this Pinterest board chock-full of easy, DIY, and creative organization ideas.

Organization Inspiration

Post-Move Organization Pinterest Board

More tips and fun for after the move:

Stylish moving / change of address cards and e-cards

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