At Olympia Moving & Storage, we’re thinking about moving every day, but there’s one time of year when moving is on every Bostonian’s mind.

The universities are prepping for back to school, the roads are clogged with Uhauls, and abandoned mattresses are populating the sidewalk. It can only mean one thing: September 1st, also known as Boston Move-In Day or Allston Christmas, is coming.

Even if you don’t have to move, there’s a lot to dread around September 1st in Boston. 79% of leases have availability dates at the beginning of September, so thousands of Boston residents are moving on the same day. Moving is hard enough, but when you add bumper to bumper traffic, fighting for elevator use, double-parked moving trucks, and abandoned belongings littering the sidewalk into the mix, it’s a whole new level of challenging.

Despite the difficulties, Boston Moving Day has become a bit of a city-wide tradition. The day is affectionately nicknamed “Allston Christmas” due to the copious number of free household items left on the sidewalk.

This short video by The Boston Globe gives you a good idea of the chaos to expect:

This funny video by a Bostonian demonstrates just how many moving trucks you’ll find on the road:


Clearly so many people moving at once in one city is comedy and dramatic gold. That’s why some Boston residents started a Kickstarter to make a webseries about the event.


The anticipation for September 1st is already beginning on Twitter:





Allston Christmas is the perfect time for Boston to do what they do best: get through hardship with comradery and humor. Who can forget these classic Allston Christmas 2012 memories forever immortalized on Twitter:












In case you had any other doubts that September 1st is the most disorderly day on the Boston calendar, these photos will probably confirm it for you:

Of course, Olympia will be in the thick of it, ensuring that our clients’ moves will be executed as smoothly as possible. If you didn’t book Olympia for your September 1st move, be sure to check out our September 1st moving tips to help you along.

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