Materials Movers Use to Protect Furniture & Your Home

Materials Movers Use to ProtectThe best defense for a damage-free move is hiring trained professionals, like those at Olympia Moving & Storage. The second best defense is properly protecting your furniture and home.

Our crew always comes equipped with the right materials to protect your property. Just like how you would want to use paper and bubble wrap to pack your fragiles in a box, it’s always a good idea to have your crew “pack” your furniture and home.

Here’s the materials professional movers use to protect your furniture and home:

Roll Up Floor Protection

Whether you’re trying to keep the origin in tip top shape for the new owners or keeping your new home as perfect as it was when you got the keys, we know it’s essential to protect your floors. This protection shields carpets to keep even the whitest carpets clear of dirt. This material rolls on easily and cleans up quickly.


Masonite sheets are laid onto hardwood floors to keep them scratch-free from moving furniture, boots, and dollies.

Door Jamb Protection

Cushioning to protect door jambs from scrapes during your move, even when the movers are getting the largest pieces out the door.

Wall Protection

Made of corrugated plastic that will not rip or tear, the crew will often put this on the walls of tight spaces to avoid nicks and bumps on the wall, especially since many clients freshly paint their home!


Plastic Wrap

The crew will quickly wrap upholstered furniture to keep it clean throughout the move. Wrapping furniture with drawers is also handy for keeping those drawers shut during transit.

Furniture pads

Essential for keeping furniture scratch-free, the crew will wrap the furniture in these padded blankets then secure them with tape.

Item labels

For items going into interstate or into storage, a detailed, numbered inventory will be made. The crew will also put stickers with the corresponding inventory number on the boxes and furniture to keep everything organized and avoid loss. While packing, we also recommend clients use our free, downloadable box labels. These color-coded labels help the crew identify what’s going into each room, expediting the delivery.

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Watch our crew use these materials on real moves in these videos!

What Equipment Do Professional Movers Use?

Olympia Moving & Storage Awarded 2013 Wheaton Agent of the Year!

Wheaton Agent of the YearOlympia Moving & Storage is very proud and excited to be selected as Wheaton World Wide‘s Agent of the Year for 2013! This award is Wheaton’s top honor, and is only awarded once a year to one of their 220 agents. This is Olympia’s 2nd Agent of the Year win, our first win was in 2007.

This honor is truly a testament to the great progress the Olympia Moving & Storage has made in all aspects of the company, including sales growth, involvement in the community, contribution to industry improvements, and above all, the quality of service we provide our clients.

“Owner Michael Gilmartin is committed to employee training and takes a hands-on operational approach,” said Mark Kirschner, CEO of Wheaton World Wide Moving. “His active involvement has helped foster Olympia’s rapid growth and high-quality service. Michael has also served on the Wheaton Agent Advisory Council and the Advertising Committee. We’re proud to have them as an interstate partner for Wheaton World Wide Moving.”

Congratulations to our drivers, crews, sales team, support staff, and leadership team, whose hard work earned Olympia this achievement!

You can read the full press release at this link.

Olympia Moving is the Relocation Partner for the New Millennium Place Luxury Condos

Millennium Place luxury apartment moving The new Millennium Place condos in the heart of Boston’s Downtown Crossing are the definition of luxury.  Developed by Millennium Partners (who also developed The Ritz Carlton Boston Common and the upcoming Millennium Tower), their website boasts “more than a place to live, this is a way to live,” a promise delivered by the building’s many unique and exclusive luxuries.

For relaxing, Millennium Place offers a lounge, wine tasting/dining room, courtyard garden, an in-building Legal Seafoods restaurant, and an HD movie and TV screening room.  Active residents can use a first-class gym by SportsClub LA which includes a spa, yoga, and Pilates studios.  Families can enjoy the children’s room. For socializing, Millennium Place created the “La Vie” program which offers exclusive theater events, wine tastings, parties, and outings designed to create a tight-knit community.

The managers of Millennium Place also recognized that the move-in would provide an essential first impression.  Millennium Partners needed a fully accountable, full-service mover that knew how to handle every detail of relocating high-end clients. That’s why they asked Olympia Moving & Storage to be the preferred relocation partner for Millennium Place.

Millennium Place Condo

Olympia was already up to the challenge, but we also wanted to ensure that not a single detail was missed. Olympia’s coordinators worked closely with the building managers to customize the move plans based on our walk-troughs with staff and the building’s floor plans. In order to accommodate the construction of the condo’s finishing touches, Olympia tailored the schedules to fit Millennium’s evening move-in slots.

By offering Millennium Place clients exclusive free replacement value protection, Olympia ensured that in the event of damage Olympia would be fully accountable, with no reverberations to Millennium. Most importantly, Olympia provided full floor and wall protection through the halls and units so that the moves don’t cause a single scratch to Millennium’s new construction.

When Millennium Place opened its doors to the first few residents last week, Olympia was proud to move them in! The first Millennium Place resident we relocated said “Never met a better group of professionals and I have moved a lot!”

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What Equipment Do Professional Movers Use?

The Best Mover Supplies For The Job


Besides our strong, highly trained crew members, there’s a reason why you’d want to hire a professional for your move. The truck you borrowed from a friend simply doesn’t come with all the equipment necessary to get your move done right.

Whether you’re moving to an urban apartment or a big home in the suburbs, each move comes with its unique challenges. Olympia Moving & Storage is equipped to handle them. Without the best mover supplies, your move can be time consuming and more difficult than it has to be. Below we detail the mover supplies we use to make your move the most efficient it can be:

Two-Wheel Dolly

This basic dolly is lightweight This critical mover supply is the first on the list whenever a move is needed. It makes loading and unloading of  boxes, furniture and bulky items much faster.

Two Wheel Dolly

Hoisting Straps

When a large piece like an armoire or mattress just won’t fit through the front door, hope isn’t lost. Our crew can wrap the piece then manually hoist it through the window, using just their strength and these straps! Our crew commonly hoists pieces to the 2nd or 3rd floor with ease! Check out a  furniture hoist in action here.

Hoisting Straps


Four-Wheel Dolly, Crates, and Bins

Commonly used on moves with a long walk or elevator, the crew can fill bins or crates with boxes and small pieces, then transport the load on a 4-wheel dolly. This allows the crew to move more items than they can carry and minimize the number of needed trips. This is one of the more inventive mover supplies, while basic in nature, it provides a tremendous amount of capability and flexibility.

4 Wheel Dolly

Appliance Dolly

This more specific dolly allows the crew to easily wheel out big, heavy appliances like refrigerators and stoves more quickly and securely.

Appliance Dolly


Do you have stairs or a stoop leading to your door? The crew can set up a small ramp over the stairs, which allows them to use wheel dollies. Of course, the crew also always sets up a ramp that leads into the truck to ensure smooth footing while the crew is carrying your possessions.

Moving Ramp

Pallet Jack

Some trucks come equipped with a pallet jack, which is used to move only the very heaviest items onto the truck, such as a safe or small machinery.


Piano Board

This piece of equipment is used to safely carry a piano. The end and board support the piano. The board also has slots for straps to keep the piano secure and handles to help carry the piece.

Piano Board

Tool Kit

When clients need us to take apart furniture like beds, dining room tables, and more, our crew is prepared with a tool kit to ensure that basic assembly and disassembly is taken care of.  One of the most important mover supplies we have, these tools allow us to tackle any complexity we find within your move.

tool kit


Who can forget our most important piece of equipment, our trucks! Olympia has cube trucks, straight trucks, and tractor trailers in our fleet to accommodate any size move. All our trucks are equipped with the above equipment along with a few extra boxes and moving materials to ensure that our crew is ready for anything!



That’s only the beginning!  We have even more specialized equipment for our commercial moving projects.

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