Millennium Place luxury apartment moving The new Millennium Place condos in the heart of Boston’s Downtown Crossing are the definition of luxury.  Developed by Millennium Partners (who also developed The Ritz Carlton Boston Common and the upcoming Millennium Tower), their website boasts “more than a place to live, this is a way to live,” a promise delivered by the building’s many unique and exclusive luxuries.

For relaxing, Millennium Place offers a lounge, wine tasting/dining room, courtyard garden, an in-building Legal Seafoods restaurant, and an HD movie and TV screening room.  Active residents can use a first-class gym by SportsClub LA which includes a spa, yoga, and Pilates studios.  Families can enjoy the children’s room. For socializing, Millennium Place created the “La Vie” program which offers exclusive theater events, wine tastings, parties, and outings designed to create a tight-knit community.

The managers of Millennium Place also recognized that the move-in would provide an essential first impression.  Millennium Partners needed a fully accountable, full-service mover that knew how to handle every detail of relocating high-end clients. That’s why they asked Olympia Moving & Storage to be the preferred relocation partner for Millennium Place.

Millennium Place Condo

Olympia was already up to the challenge, but we also wanted to ensure that not a single detail was missed. Olympia’s coordinators worked closely with the building managers to customize the move plans based on our walk-troughs with staff and the building’s floor plans. In order to accommodate the construction of the condo’s finishing touches, Olympia tailored the schedules to fit Millennium’s evening move-in slots.

By offering Millennium Place clients exclusive free replacement value protection, Olympia ensured that in the event of damage Olympia would be fully accountable, with no reverberations to Millennium. Most importantly, Olympia provided full floor and wall protection through the halls and units so that the moves don’t cause a single scratch to Millennium’s new construction.

When Millennium Place opened its doors to the first few residents last week, Olympia was proud to move them in! The first Millennium Place resident we relocated said “Never met a better group of professionals and I have moved a lot!”

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