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 Olympia Moving & Storage is proud to announce that it will be managing the newly acquired Clark & Reid Executive Moving; marking Olympia’s continued growth in the area of corporate relocations.

Olympia’s interstate partner, Wheaton Van Lines, finalized their acquisition of the Clark & Reid brand today, and selected Olympia to run the day-to-day operations of this new venture. The Clark & Reid brand will continue to operate independently and the combined entity will make Olympia one of the largest relocation service providers in the Northeast.

“The addition of Clark & Reid signals an operational expansion and offers new opportunities in the corporate universe,” said Michael Gilmartin, President of Olympia Moving & Storage. “For over 100 years, Clark & Reid has earned and maintained a stellar reputation for providing high end, executive relocation services. With continued investment in the organization, we are confident that we can build upon a great foundation”

Press Release from Wheaton Van Lines:
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Wheaton Van Lines, Inc. acquires Boston-based Clark & Reid
Indianapolis, Ind. | November 25, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS – Wheaton Van Lines, Inc. announced it has acquired Boston-based moving company, Clark & Reid, known for corporate relocation and high-end service.

The acquisition will allow Clark & Reid to grow its scope of service and expand its focus on corporate relocation, backed by a larger network and significant resources. Wheaton will be able to further expand its ability to provide top block service to corporate clients – large and small – by building on Clark & Reid’s quality and experience in the corporate arena.

Clark & Reid will continue to operate as a separate brand under the Wheaton Van Lines, Inc. umbrella and will have offices in the Boston and Washington, D.C. markets. Boston-based Olympia Moving and Storage Company, two-time Wheaton Agent of the Year, will manage Clark & Reid’s day-to-day operations and will service Clark & Reid customers nationally.

This is the second acquisition in as many years for Indianapolis-based Wheaton Van Lines. The company purchased Bekins Van Lines in 2012, making Wheaton Van Lines the fourth largest household goods mover in the country. Privately held, the combined company produced record revenue for 2012, and is on track to do the same for 2013.

“The success of the Bekins acquisition helped pave the way for the van line to position itself for future acquisitions, giving the company both the financial wherewithal and infrastructure to grow top and bottom line revenues for our agents and drivers,” said Wheaton | Bekins CEO Mark Kirschner.

The addition of Clark & Reid will make the company even stronger and more diverse. Founded in 1902, Clark & Reid has a rich history of providing executive relocations for corporate clients, and its name has been synonymous with quality service. It was ranked number one in service by Alan Trippel’s 2012 Nationwide Relocating Employee Survey on the household goods industry. Clark & Reid received the highest overall customer satisfaction score, the highest Top Block service score, and the highest net satisfaction score in the survey.

“The transition will be seamless, and corporate clients will find they have the same move managers and personnel with whom they’re familiar and that there will be no disruption in service,” Kirschner said.

Together, the three brands – Wheaton World Wide Moving, Bekins Van Lines and Clark & Reid – will include more than 348 agents nationwide.

About Olympia Moving and Storage Company
Olympia Moving & Storage Company is a full-service moving company in Boston, Mass. and Washington, DC. Since its inception in 1993, Olympia has built an unparalleled reputation for delivering exceptional local moving, interstate moving and international moving services. Olympia Moving is the preferred mover for numerous universities, law firms and real estate organizations. The company’s commitment to excellence is reflected by its 2007 and 2013 Agent of the Year awards, from Wheaton World Wide Moving. For more information, visit www.olympiamoving.com or call 800-222-4744.

About Wheaton World Wide Moving and Bekins Van Lines
Wheaton Van Lines, Inc. is one of the world’s most highly regarded providers of transportation services. The van line is now the fourth largest household goods carrier in the country. Headquartered in Indianapolis, it offers private and corporate domestic and international household goods relocation services as well as special commodities and logistic services. The United States Military also is one of the company’s largest customers. Wheaton Van Lines, Inc. is partner to approximately 348 Wheaton, Bekins and Clark & Reid agents nationwide. To learn more, visit www.wheatonworldwide.com.