Olympia Moving CrewOur policy at Olympia Moving & Storage is to do everything in our power to make your move as smooth and easy as possible. Our crew will always work hard for you through rain, heat, and 4th floor walkups. However, we do sometimes have clients ask what they can do for our hard-working guys.

Our crews are there to do a job and never expect anything more, but if you want to go above and beyond, these are the five little things the crew say they appreciate the most on moving day:

1. Keep them hydrated.

Keeping cold water or Gatorade available is a lifesaver, especially on hot days.

2. Plan ahead.

You can cut down the crew’s heavy lifting if you know where the items will be placed in your new home. Label your boxes and make a floor plan for the furniture. Moving the sofa from room to room to decide where it looks best is tiring for the crew & adds time and money to your moving bill.

3. Provide lunch.

If the crew is with you for the entire day, it’s always a nice gesture to order pizza or sandwiches for their lunch break.

4. Tip for a job well done.

Though not necessary, if you feel your crew did a great job, a tip is always appreciated. Click here to learn what’s customary for tipping moving crews.

5. Pass on the praise.

When you move with Olympia, you’ll receive and e-mail survey asking for your feedback. Any specific comments about the crew get passed to their supervisors, so they can reward good work and improve training. You can also support your crew by posting on online review of their work on Google+ Local, Yelp, Angie’s List, and more. Click here to view all the links to our online review profiles.

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