We’ve become known in the Boston and Washington, DC areas for our shiny black moving trucks.  Many of our employees are self-admitted truck nerds, and there’s always a buzz of excitement when we add new trucks to the fleet.  As the company continues to grow, we’ve been able to purchase many different trucks to better meet the needs of our clients.

Sometimes, to get the job done right, you need more than just any moving truck.  Below are some of the trucks available in our fleet.  Which truck is right for your move?

Straight Truck

Olympia Moving Straight Truck
This is the “classic” Olympia Moving truck. We use these trucks for most of our local moving clients. These trucks are 30 feet in length and about 14 feet high. The straight truck can fit about 8,000 lbs of household goods, which is average in terms of what most families have in a single family home.

Crew Cab Straight Truck

Olympia Crew Cab Truck
This truck is one of the newest additions to our fleet. The crew cab has all the same features as the straight truck, except the cab has a back seat, allowing more crew members to ride in the truck. This is especially handy for moves that require more than 3 crew members, but only one truck. The crew cab truck is 38 feet long and can hold about 10,000 lbs of household goods.

CDL Truck

Olympia CDL Truck
This truck is similar to a straight truck, but is slightly larger at 34 feet long and holds more, about 10,000-12,000 lbs of household goods. We use these trucks on shorter distance interstate moves, relocations that are 600 miles in distance or less. Another difference is that this truck requires the driver to have a commercial driver license to operate.

Cube Truck

Olympia uses the cube truck for local moves when a big truck is not needed, such as apartment moves. The cube truck is especially handy for tricky moves in urban cities. For a small loading dock in Washington, DC or a narrow street in Boston, this is the best moving truck to get the job done. The cube truck is 16 feet in length and holds about 2,000-4,000 lbs of household goods, which is average in terms of what most families have in an apartment.

Tractor Trailer

The 18-wheeler tractor trailers are mainly used for long-distance interstate moves. These are big trucks, 88-90 feet in length and can hold 22,000 to 30,000 lbs in household goods. These trucks are meant for the driver to have multiple families’ shipments in the trailer in order to make long distance moving more cost-efficient for our clients. If a client is moving long distance and a tractor trailer is too large to park at their residence, we’ll assign a shuttle truck to the move, which is usually the straight truck above. Click here to learn more about shuttles.

Olympia has a few different kinds of trailers in their fleet. Most of our clients moving long distance will see a Wheaton tractor trailer at their home, the brand of our interstate partner. We also have Clark & Reid tractor trailers in our fleet, our executive moving brand. Click here to learn more about our interstate moving brands.

Pack Van & Pickup Truck

Olympia Pack Van  Pick Up Truck
Also new to our fleet are our Olympia pack van and pick-up truck. These vehicles are mainly used for packing services or to deliver materials to our clients. We also use the van to transport crew members to large commercial moves.

Besides our growing fleet, we also rent Ryder trucks to help us cover our busiest days, or other vehicles for specialty moves, such as refrigerated trucks.

No matter what kind of truck you need for your move, Olympia has you covered!

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