Not every part of moving is fun. One of the most enjoyable things about relocation is planning your new house and how you’re going to make it feel like home.

One useful exercise for your planning is creating a floor plan for your new home. Floor plans can help you:

  • Decide the right spot for each of your furniture pieces in the new space
  • Determine whether to sell some of your furniture because it will not work or fit at the new house
  • Figure out whether any furniture you’re considering purchasing will work in your new home

Ultimately, figuring these things out in advance can help you save money on your move! ┬áThe crew rearranging furniture until it’s in the place you want can add time and money to your bill. Spending the cash to move furniture that you end up deciding to sell is also a waste of your hard-earned money.

It can even be fun if you use one of these easy and free tools to create a floor plan:


This free website makes creating a floor plan fool proof, and is probably the most robust free floor planner online. Their drag and drop tools make it easy to add rooms, doors, windows, all types of furniture and more. It’s also easy to customize the size of all the items to fit your needs. You also have the ability to add your own photos and videos to the floor plan so it feels like your real home. lets you save multiple options and designs in your account.






Magic Plan mobile app

This mobile app actually works in conjunction with Magic Plan makes getting started with a floor plan even easier. All you have to do is take pictures with the app and it will draw your floor plan with measurements for you! Then, import what you started with Magic Plan into your account to customize and play with it.




Room Scan mobile app

Room Scan is another popular and highly rated mobile app for floor planning that will automatically draw a floor plan for you. The main difference is this app automates the plan and measurements by holding your phone against each segment of wall, which reviews say create very accurate results. This app is a little more popular than the Magic Plan app, which is the similar app above that automates the plan through pictures. The drawback is that this app does not integrate with other tools like Magic Plan does.





Like, Homestyler has a website tool and mobile component. HomeStyler has a heavy emphasis on home design. One neat feature of this tool is that in addition to the ability to drag and drop furniture, you can insert real furniture from dozens of real home design brands such as Ethan Allen and Jonathan Adler. The mobile app specializes in placing real furniture products in photographed layouts of your actual room. This tool is much sleeker than, but is a little more practical and easier to use.