via BikeyfaceOnly a few weeks until we hit the infamous moving day in Boston: September 1st.

This year’s September 1st weekend will be unique as it falls exactly on Labor Day. The Olympia Moving & Storage crew and staff is forgoing a day off filled with beach lounging and barbecues to help Boston move furniture to 4th floor walk-up apartments. Perhaps Moving Day falling on a holiday will help alleviate traffic on the streets clogged with UHauls, time will tell.

Also unique this year: September 1st will be the launch date of a webseries about the pains of moving on Allston Christmas. Check out the trailer of the webseries:  Allston Xmas.

Allston Xmas Trailer from Jared Vincenti on Vimeo.

The Labor Day moving weekend Boston moving schedule is almost full for Olympia, and we’ve added capacity to make this the biggest September 1st moving day yet. Bostonians are prepared as well, we’re seen more early bookings for Labor Day moving weekend than ever before. The first move on the September 1st schedule was booked on May 7th!

Are you moving on September 1st in Boston? Or first piece of advice is to avoid it at all costs. Moving on off-peak days will help reduce cost and stress. But if you absolutely must move on this day, reviewing our September 1st roundup may help your move day go smoother…at the very least help you laugh about it.