moving wineAre you a wine enthusiast preparing for a relocation? Have you considered how to move a wine collection you have been amassing over the years?

Wine bottles are unique items to relocate because they are fragile, often extremely valuable, and the contents are very volatile.

Methods of Moving Wine

Move it Yourself: This is a good option if you have a small, valuable collection. We often tell families to move the items that are most valuable to them in their own cars if possible. This allows you to have complete control and peace of mind. Just be sure to follow our wine packing and moving tips below. You can also opt to have the moving company pack the wine, but move it yourself.

Trust to a Moving Company: This option is better for local moves than for interstate moves. You can include wine in your move along with your other household goods. This probably the best option if your wine collection is not valuable, or if it is the spring or fall seasons, when the temperatures are not extreme. If the moving company is relocating your wine, ask your consultant or coordinator if the company has wine moving experience and their method for packing and moving the wine. Some moving companies may even be able to refrigerate your wine throughout the relocation. If your wine is valuable and you select to have the moving company relocate your collection, be absolutely sure that you fill our a High Value Inventory for your collection.

Hire a Wine Relocation Professional: There are some companies that specialize in only moving wine. This option can be pricey, but it is the best choice if you have a valuable collection and you are moving over a long distance. Your moving company will have a recommendation or can coordinate the service for you. Some wine relocation companies include:

Considerations For Your Transport Decision

When you are trying to choose the best method for your wine relocation, consider the following:

Am I moving local or interstate? For local moves, a better option is moving the wine yourself or with the moving company. For interstate moves, the better option is hiring a specialized company.

How long will your items be on the truck? If your wine is valuable and the move takes multiple days, the more your wine will be exposed to temperature fluctuations. There longer the transport time, the more you should consider moving the wine on your own or with a specialist.

How extensive is your wine collection? A larger collection should be moved with a moving company or wine specialist.

How valuable is your wine collection? If your collection is valuable, you should definitely choose a refrigerated, specialized option.

What is the weather like around you move date? When the temperatures are extreme in the summer and winter, it’s more important to ensure that your collection is in controlled refrigeration during the relocation.

How to Pack Wine Bottles for Moving

Appraise your wine before you move: This is important because if there is any damage to your collection during the relocation, you will have the documentation to obtain the full value in your claim. You can often ask your local wine vendor for a recommendation for an appraiser.

Fill out a high value inventory: If a company is relocating your wine, be sure it is listed on a high value inventory. This will ensure the company keeps a special eye on it, and it will help ensure that you receive the full value in the case of a claim.

Pack wine with care: Purchase specialized wine boxes like this one. Be sure to pack wine on its side to keep the corks wet. Never pack and move an open bottle of wine.

Keep the temperature stable: To maintain the best taste and prevent the bottle from corking, keep the wine around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Allow the wine to rest: Due to the movement, do not open your wine for 7 days after the relocation.

Check customs laws: Some states or countries do not allow you to relocate wine across their borders.


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