Olympia Moving Pulls 82 Ton Airplane to Fundraise for Special Olympics Virginia

The 2015 Dulles  Plane Pull on Saturday was the biggest Plane Pull yet in terms of fundraising, plane pull teams, and attendance. The event raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Special Olympics Virginia athletes and 71 teams participated. For the first time, the event featured two planes being pulled!

As the Official Logistics Sponsor, Olympia Moving & Storage worked closely with event organizers at Special Olympics Virginia to make Dulles Plane Pull a success. The Washington, DC moving company donated crews, trucks, and warehousing to manage the equipment, set up, and breakdown.

For the first time, Olympia Moving ran an “Are You As Strong As An Olympia Mover?” fundraising game. Hundreds of athletes, kids, moms, dads, and even monks tried to hit the bell on the high striker to prove their strength.

Of course, the Olympia Moving crew was also eager to prove their strength and fundraised to pull the 82 ton airplane.  The crew pulled the plane 10 feet in 6.194 seconds – our best time yet!

Thank you to the generous partners to Olympia Moving & Storage who donated to our plane pull team!  All the money we raised will provide free sports training and competitions for athletes with intellectual disabilities:

To see team Olympia Moving & Storage pull the plane and all the other plane pull excitement, be sure to check out this video.  We look forward to sponsoring Dulled Plane Pull again next year!

Visit olympiamoving.com/specialolympics to learn more about our ongoing work and charitable partnership with Special Olympics.

How to move specialty items

So, you’ve made the decision to move, found a new place, and are ready to book your movers; hooray!

But have you planned how to move your brand new appliances or your home theater? While you may not know anything about disconnecting a dishwasher or electronics, let alone how to move them, we have all of the bases covered.

As a full service moving company, our goal at Olympia Moving & Storage is assist with every detail of our families’ moves. This includes the details they may not have considered like how to move specialty items.

During your in-home survey, your Olympia Moving consultant will point out items that will need special packing or servicing during your move. The consultant will discuss with you the various options for safely relocating those items and how that will fit into your budget.  

When we need experts for specialty services, Olympia Moving has to make sure these service providers are at the same high standard as our moving crew.  That’s why Olympia Moving & Storage proudly partners with Movers Specialty Services (also known as MSS), a company providing specialty relocation services nationwide for over 30 years.

After you book your relocation with Olympia Moving, your move coordinator will work closely with MSS to ensure that the services you need are scheduled seamlessly alongside the rest of your moving services.

We spoke with Brian Schaeffer, Corporate Sales Executive with MSS, about how his company takes care of those specialty moving services families often don’t consider when they’re first planning their move.

MSS started in 1978 out of a one bedroom apartment with a set of Sears hand tools.  Since then, Movers Specialty Services has grown into an award winning company that works with moving companies nationwide.  Olympia Moving & Storage partners with MSS because we share the same view on the importance of delivering a quality service.

MSS assists relocating families who may not know how to move in the best way by disassembling, servicing, and reassembling complex household items, including, but not limited to:

  • Air Hockey, Pool & Foosball Tables
  • Audio / Video Components
  • Cratinghow to move special items
  • Dishwashers
  • Exercise Equipment – All Types
  • Gas Grills
  • Grandfather & Cuckoo Clocks
  • Icemakers
  • Juke Box
  • Piano & Organ Services
  • Range – Gas & Electric
  • Spa / Hot Tubs
  • Tanning Beds
  • Washer/Dryer Units
  • Waterbeds
  • Wine Storage & Insurance Services

MSS is Olympia’s go-to resource for specialty relocation services because they provide the same consistency in quality and attention to detail that our clients expect from Olympia Moving & Storage. MSS technicians are trained in industry knowledge and they take the time to develop each person’s individual skill sets so that they can safely and confidently fulfill client requests. Our families may have no idea how to move a hot tub across the country, but the MSS technicians have done it hundreds of times.

Says Brian of MSS, “Creating a seamless transition for your family is our priority, and our experts are here to determine what is necessary for your specific move so you don’t have to worry about it.”

The Olympia Moving & Storage clients aren’t the only ones pleased with services and tips on how to move from MSS.  Movers Specialty Services’ many awards include:
  • Multiple ratings among the Philadelphia 100
  • Service Provider of the Year
  • Recognized as the “Industry’s Innovator
  • Two time winner the American Moving & Storage Association’s Summit Award (selected by customers)
  • Winner of the Global Network Commitment to Excellence Platinum Award
  • One of Philadelphia’s 100 Top Workplacesfor six years in a row

Whether you’re wondering how to move a grandfather clock or install a tanning bed, Olympia Moving & Storage & MSS are here to help simplify your move!

Are you ready to start planning a move that includes servicing specialty items?  Click here to request a free, no obligation moving estimate.  Any specialty moving services included in your estimate will be serviced by MSS!

To learn more about MSS, visit mss1.com or call 800.433.1159

DC Moving Company Sponsors Dulles Day Plane Pull

Olympia and Plane PullOn Saturday, Olympia Moving & Storage, a premier Washington, DC moving company, will sponsor the Dulles Day Plane Pull. This is Olympia Moving’s third year as the official logistics sponsor for this event to benefit Special Olympics Virginia.

During the week leading up to the Plane Pull, Olympia Moving has been busy receiving event supplies, managing pick ups and deliveries of event equipment, and assisting with set up and break down. All these services are donated free of charge to Special Olympics Virginia. This year, the moving company will be running a fundraising game “Are You Stronger Than an Olympia Mover?” Event attendees and children will have the chance to hit the bell on a high striker and win a prize. All proceeds from the game will benefit Special Olympics Virginia.

The Olympia Moving crew will also be participating in the Plane Pull and will pull a 164,000+ pound Airbus 12 feet in support of athletes with intellectual disabilities. The crew will be looking to beat last year’s pull time of 7.01 seconds. Olympia Moving & Storage has been fundraising for the Plane Pull over the past month, and would like to thank their following partners for their generous donations to their campaign:

The Olympia Moving crew has even been pulling their trucks in their yard to practice for pulling the plane!


The Dulles Day Plane Pull is a popular event for Northern Virginia families and continues to grow.  Last year over 30,000 people attend the Plane Pull, and for the first time the 2015 Plane Pull will feature 2 planes for teams to attempt pulling!

It’s not too late to donate to team Olympia Moving! Click here to donate and fund competitions, sports training, and health programs for athletes with intellectual disabilities. 

Olympia Moving & Storage has been a charitable partner to Special Olympics Virginia and Massachusetts since 2013. Last year the Washington, DC moving company’s in-kind and monetary donations to Special Olympics organizations totaled almost $50,000. Earlier this year, Olympia Moving & Storage also sponsored Special Olympics athlete Amanda Church’s trip to World Games in Los Angeles. There she competed and won silver and bronze medals in aquatics. Visit olympiamoving.com/specialolympics to learn more about our sponsorship.

Apartment Move in Tips from a Property Management Pro

Whether you’re a parent sending your child off to college or someone moving into their first apartment, moving can be a daunting task; from the apartment hunt to the move. But just because you’ve unpacked the last of the boxes doesn’t mean it’s over, there are still some things to remember and apartment move in tips to take to heart.

It’s important to know that a loved one is safe and settled in their new surroundings, even if they’re just down the street, so we spoke with a Boston property manager and compiled some apartment move in tips.key in door

  • Lock your doors and windows especially those that are easily accessible to unwanted intruders. Windows on the first floor or basement levels should always be locked.
  • Don’t leave valuables where they can be seen from outside your apartment.
  • Know your neighbors and keep an eye out for them and their property.  Don’t let strangers inside the building, this goes for when you are entering/exiting and when people buzz you via the intercom.
  • Packages are typically left in the foyer and subject to being open or stolen, if it’s something important send it requiring a signature.
  • Call 911 to report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.
  • Poor housekeeping leads to unsanitary conditions, contributing to pest problems. Some new residents have little or no furniture, and thus are inclined to pick up infested items off the street or buying secondhand, bringing in new pests. Should you suspect you have a pest infestation it is important to report it to management right away to prevent the spread if bugs or vermin.

A new city comes with new places to explore and new practices to put into place, so help your loved ones transition safely and informed with our move in tips!

Haven’t moved yet but ready to start planning a move?  Click here to request a free, no obligation moving estimate. 

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Video: GoPros on the Olympia Moving crew during Boston moving day

September 1st Boston Moving Day, also known as Allston Christmas, is the most hectic day to move in the city. 63% of Boston leases turn over, meaning that thousands of residents are moving, renting trucks, and hiring moving companies in the same week. Over 2000 moving parking permits were ordered in Boston for that week, and that doesn’t even include neighboring Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline, as well as the many residents who didn’t bother to order a permit!

Many Boston residents struggle to accomplish just one move, but the Olympia Moving crew completes hundreds of moves in the Boston area that week. Some of our crews move 3 residents per day on September 1st, not to mention the fact that our tireless movers are carrying furniture almost every day of the year! We decided to give GoPros to a few of our moving crews to see if they could capture some of the moving madness for us. Even our team was surprised by the result! Clearly our crews are skilled movers and incredible athletes that can overcome any moving challenge: from parallel parking a truck on a narrow Boston street to moving out of a dizzying 4th floor walk up, our crew is made of professional moving superheros!

Check out the result in this mesmerizing video:

After watching that video, you’re probably ready to hire our incredible movers. Click here to request a free, no obligation estimate.

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Epic Roundup of an Epic Boston Moving Day: Allston Christmas 2015

Congratulations Boston, on surviving yet another Allston Christmas! In case you’re not familiar with this move-in day of massive proportions, 63% of Boston leases turn over on September 1st due to the thousands of students returning to university. The result is the biggest moving day in Boston, traffic jams of Uhauls, and sidewalks littered with belongings deemed not worthy of new apartments. Click here to learn more about September 1st Boston move in.

2015 was the year that Boston took the tradition to the next level. Social media and the press eagerly anticipated the horde of moving trucks and chaos, trending #AllstonChristmas on Twitter well before the 1st. Local residents made the day more festive with holiday-themed signage. Local companies also marketed the event more than ever, especially new neighborhood grocer bfresh market with a series of clever marketing stunts. The city of Boston also did their part to alleviate the gridlock by putting moving permit requests online and carefully monitoring Storrow Drive to prevent trucks from getting stuck under low pedestrian bridges.

For those lucky enough to avoid this annual relocation event, we compiled the best Allston Christmas stories, tweets, and instagrams:

The streets, especially Commonwealth Avenue, were gridlocked with rental trucks, students, parents, and unlucky commuters

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