Run to Boston Piano 5K Challenge

Piano 5K ChallengeThe Olympia Moving & Storage Piano 5K Challenge

Boston moving company challenges runners as part of the Run to Boston Race Series to benefit Special Olympics Massachusetts

When Olympia Moving & Storage, a premier Boston moving company, heard about the Run to Boston Race Series to benefit the athletes of Special Olympics Massachusetts, we wanted to try an extra challenge in the Special Olympics spirit of pushing our limits.  The Olympia Moving crew are export Boston piano movers, relocating pianos in Massachusetts daily without a scratch.  Could our team safely move a piano…while running a 5K?  It sounded crazy enough to try, so the Olympia Moving & Storage Piano 5K Challenge was born!

Team Olympia Moving & Storage collaborated with Special Olympics Massachusetts to complete the challenge.  The proof that Olympia Moving & Storage, expert Boston piano movers, can move a piano while running a 5K and keep the instrument in flawless condition is below!

Olympia Moving & Storage’s Piano 5K Challenge final time was 32:28!

Olympia Moving & Storage Challenges “Run to Boston” Runners!

Now it’s your turn to take part in the challenge!  Don’t worry, we won’t make you push a piano, but we do challenge you to beat our time during the Run to Boston 5K races!

All Run to Boston Race Series runners who beat Olympia’s piano 5K time (32:28) will be automatically entered to win a FitBit!  No raffle tickets, no pianos, just sign up for one of these three races and RUN!

All three races are holiday-themed, a lot of fun, and best of all, race proceeds fund sports training and competitions for athletes with intellectual disabilities!

There will be 3 FitBit winners total, one per race.  Winners will be randomly selected among runners with finish times below 32:28.  The winning runners will be contacted after the race.

The Olympia Moving & Storage Piano 5K Challenge is part of our year-round sponsorship of Special Olympics Massachusetts.  The Boston moving company donates logistics services to dozens of Special Olympics Massachusetts competitons and fundraisers annually, and fund raises for the organization.  To learn more about our work with Special Olympics Massachusetts visit

Free Moving Coloring Page for Kids

Moving with kids is never an easy task. From breaking the news to settling into your new home, there are plenty of ups and downs – including a lot of idle time for your antsy little ones.

Looking for something quiet to keep your kids busy, and maybe even quiet, while you prepare for your move?

Olympia Moving & Storage has you covered with our free moving coloring page, designed to make moving with children a little easier for your family! This free coloring page is a great way to help small kids grasp the concept of moving and get excited for their new home.

Download our free moving coloring page for your kids

moving coloring page for kids

As always, Olympia Moving & Storage is here to help with all of your relocation needs.  For more tools for moving with kids, including book recommendations on the topic, check out our blog post on moving with kids.

Have other questions about moving or looking for moving tips? We’d be glad to help, just give us a call at 800.222.4744

Ready to start planning your move with kids? Click here to request a free moving estimate with Olympia Moving & Storage.

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5 Easy Outdoor Home Improvements

When you move into your new home and finally get settled you may be looking at making a few updates to the exterior that will transform your backyard into a sanctuary. Alternatively, you may be looking for some outdoor changes that will add curb appeal and value to a home you’re listing to sell. Either way, a relocation is the perfect time to consider some outdoor projects.

We’ve narrowed down some easy outdoor home improvement projects that are sure to get you the most bang for your buck. The best part is, these small changes will make a big difference and don’t require you to shell out a lot of money! Here are our top 5 easy outdoor home improvements for you to consider:

easy outdoor home improvements1. Add Landscape Lighting

Adding lighting to your seating areas and landscaping is a particularly easy project that you can complete on your own. Your best option is to use solar landscape lighting, which is simple to install and a great way to light your landscape without increasing your electricity bill. This type of lighting won’t require you to be fuss with hardwires. There are a variety of solar lighting options to choose from, including walkway lighting, accent lighting and string lights for your patio or trees. Outdoor lighting not only adds a nice ambiance to the front or back of your home, but acts as an extra security measure. For about $100, you can get two dozen attractive solar lights, so this investment won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

2. Replace Your Front Door

By replacing your outdated door, you can get a healthy return on your investment. Not only is a new front door a smart energy upgrade, it provides great curb appeal and needs virtually no maintenance. According to Chinese philosophy, front door colors and entryways have a lot to say about the character of whoever lives inside. This is a fun way to transform your new home to fit your individual personality. For example, in feng shui, a red door is thought to be welcoming and invites good energy. The owners of the home are thought to be full of life and hospitable. A new door will also be more energy efficient, keeping heat in and cold out. Older doors can be a huge source of energy loss, so with improving the look of your house, and improving energy efficiency, this project won’t break the bank and will make a big difference in the look and feel of your home.

Leaffilter eas outdoor homeimprovement3. Add Gutter Guards

You may not realize it, but when an unprotected gutter system clogs with dirt and debris, it’s only a matter of time before costly problems develop. When gutters become clogged, water will spill over the side and down your home, rotting your fascia and soffit, and causing foundation and structural damage. Gutter cleaning is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. By installing gutter guards, you can eliminate gutter cleaning for the life of your home. By choosing a gutter guard with no holes, gaps, or openings, like LeafFilter, you can prevent all types of debris from entering and clogging your gutters. The best part is that these gutter guards are professionally installed so you won’t have to fumble on a ladder to install them yourself. Installing gutter guards is also a great selling point to future homeowners.

4. Build a Pergola or Trellis

By adding a pergola or trellis, you can add a unique focal point to your backyard. Building a pergola over your patio or deck is a great way to benefit from subtle shade, while still getting some of that sunlight glow. Pergolas come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can add a touch of elegance to your home. Can you imagine how great your pergola will look with string lights while entertaining outside? If a pergola is a little too lofty of a goal, building a trellis is another great focal point for your garden. Building a trellis in your backyard is an easy afternoon project. Use soil to outline or create a garden and plant bright colored flowers and vining plants along the base to create your garden. Your trellis is sure to add dimension, color, and decoration to a blank space in your backyard!

5. Add a Fire Pit

For a small investment, you can create a fire pit in your backyard that is great for relaxing or entertaining. If you have an outdoor seating area, the fire pit can provide a focal point for entertaining. You may choose to create a built-in fire pit from concrete, stone, or brick. Another option is to choose a portable fire pit that you can move around your yard. One of the easiest ways is to arrange pavers (most are $1!) in a circular shape and add a fire-pit insert for an attractive, yet functional, look. Additionally, you’ll want to invest in some movable patio furniture that is comfortable and water-resistant. These home improvement projects are sure to add charm and functionality to your new home, or value to a home you’re selling!

Once you’ve found the perfect home with the perfect fixer-upper yard, call 800.222.4744 for a free moving estimate from Olympia Moving & Storage, or request an estimate online.

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Boston Moving Company Offers Scholarships to Students

Olympia Moving & Storage, proudly announced the Olympia Scholars Program this week, offering scholarships to student movers. olympia scholars

The scholarship program, which is available to all current and prospective Olympia Moving & Storage employees, allows motivated student movers to earn thousands of dollars in scholarships in addition to a top hourly wage.

For many Boston-area college students, working between classes is essential to paying for tuition, books, and living expenses.  Most students get jobs swiping IDs at the gym, pouring coffee, or scanning groceries.  But for some Boston students, they earn money by carrying armoires up fourth-floor walkups in the Back Bay between classes.  Michael Gilmartin, President and Founder of Olympia Moving & Storage, used to be one of these students.

“While I studied at Northeastern University, I earned money by working at a local moving company,” says Gilmartin, who founded Olympia Moving & Storage in 1993.  “At the time, I liked working as a mover because it was a great opportunity to earn higher wages than the average student while staying in shape. Little did I know it would become a career.”

Michael Gilmartin’s company, Olympia Moving & Storage has been employing Boston-area college students for over 20 years.

olympia movers“Students who work with Olympia Moving & Storage quickly learn that working here is a
bout more than just a paycheck and lifting furniture,” says Gilmartin.

  “Movers learn valuable lessons in problem solving, team work, and client management that they will use for the rest of their careers.”

After he graduated from Northeastern University, Michael Gilmartin put the skills he learned as a student mover to use and founded his own company. Since then, he has brought hired many of his student movers as operations managers, sales managers, and more.

“It’s always been fulfilling to see our student movers succeed after graduation, either with Olympia Moving or in engineering, sales, entrepreneurship, and many other careers with other companies,” says Gilmartin. “We wanted to expand that Olympia Moving & Storage tradition by directly investing in our student movers’ education. Student movers are extremely motivated and hardworking, you have to be to move furniture for eight hours straight. These are the kind of students we want to invest in, as they have the skills to succeed.”

Up to 15 Olympia Moving employees per year are eligible to participate in the Olympia Scholars program.  The scholarship recipients will earn a $1,000 scholarship per every 1,000 hours worked and can earn a maximum of four scholarships during their education.  The scholarship is available to employees actively pursuing degrees at universities, community colleges, and trade schools.

For more eligibility details, and to apply to become a student mover in the Olympia Scholars program, visit or call 617-517-9878.

Packing Don’ts for Moving

Packing is hard and tips are always welcomed.  Everyone has heard about the packing dos, but packing don’ts are just as important, and not following those guidelines could end up adding time and money to your move.

We’ve been moving families for over 20 years.  Olympia Moving & Storage provides full packing services, but many of our clients also pack themselves.  We see our self-pack clients make the same mistakes over and over again.  Below are the most common packing don’ts we see our clients disregard. These packing don’ts are moving time-savers and prevent moving damage, whether you’re moving yourself or working with a moving company.

packing don'tsLocal Moving Packing Don’ts:

  • Don’t pack books in medium or large boxes, you’ll over-pack and boxes could break during the move, or worse, you could pack a box too heavy to move.  Always pack books, CDs, and files in small 1.5 cu.ft. boxes.
  • Don’t forget to disassemble your lamps and lampshades and pack them in appropriate boxes, 6.1 cu.ft. boxes are best. Lamps and lampshades cannot be wrapped, they must move in a box or risk damage.
  • Don’t pack your fragile items or books into plastic totes. This does not securely protect fragiles from damage and will over pack the tote, making it too heavy to lift.  Wrap fragile items and pack them into 1.5 cu.ft. boxes, or pack fragile dishware into 5.1 cu.ft. dishpack boxes.  Those boxes have thicker walls for better protection.

Interstate Moving Packing Don’ts:

  • Packing artwork and mirrors can be scary, but it’s important to remember that bubble wrap isn’t enough to protect them. Artwork and mirrors must be packed in mirror or artwork boxes to avoid damage.
  • Vases and plant pots must be boxed and cannot be placed freely in your moving vehicle or they will get damaged and may cause other items to get damaged as well.
  • Don’t transport your items in trash bags. Your belongings aren’t garbage and while this seems like an easy packing cheat, your bags will rip in transit. Bags are also cumbersome and can’t be stacked to utilize space in a moving vehicle.
  • Floor lamps must be dismantled and packed in a tall lamp box.

General Moving Packing Don’ts:

  • Moving filing cabinets can be daunting.
    Large filing cabinets (3-5 drawers) must be emptied completely or they will be too heavy to carry.
    Small cabinets (2 drawers) can remain full but emptying them will be appreciated by your movers or helpful friends.
  • Dressers are best to be emptied at least halfway and should only contain clothing and linen
  • Fragile items, books, and jewelry cannot be transported in drawers of furniture items.  They may damage the furniture piece, make it too heavy, or run the risk of getting lost or damaged if not packed properly.
  • All containers must have tops to ensure items are not susceptible to damage or displacement. This will also ensure that all boxes and items can be stacked inside the moving vehicle.
  • All boxes should be filledas best as possible to ensure safe transport and loading. If the space is not used items are more likely to shift and get damaged during transit, and boxes could collapse while they are stacked in the moving truck.

Our general rule of thumb is that everything that fits in a box, should go in a box!

Have other packing questions?
Call us today at 800.222.4744 or click here to request a free, no obligation moving estimate and start planning your move.

If you’re still intimated by packing, no problem! Request an pricing for full or fragile packing services as part of your estimate with Olympia Moving & Storage.

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