Boston….. it’s where it all started for Olympia Moving. The area, from downtown Boston to the amazing suburb towns has a special place in our heart. Whether you are a young professional right out of college, or a retired couple looking to enjoy your golden years downtown, Boston has so much to offer as your new home.

Here are some top reasons in our opinion that makes Boston such a great place to live:

Great Public Transportation/Walkability: Whether you live in the direct Greater Boston Area or a suburb, Boston has some of the best public transportation in the United States. You can get so into Boston without a car so easily, and once you get into the city it’s one of the better walking cities. So many people that live in Boston walk or take a quick train ride to work.

Four Seasons: Some people love it and others don’t, but Boston & New England has some of the most beautiful seasons. From 80 degrees in the summer to blizzards in the winter, to crisp and vibrant falls, it’s a unique and wonderful place.

Seafood/Dining: If you live in Boston & along the Atlantic Ocean it is hard to truly know what you’ve got but seafood this fresh is a rare commodity for much of the United States. From the North End to the Seaport area, you’ll have amazing views/restaurants and fresh seafood at your disposal 365 days a year.  

Sports Culture: If you’re a sports fan, some argue there is no better place to live in the world. A town that has a rich tradition of excellence, mixed with passionate fans makes following and watching sports that much more fun.

Career Opportunities: The Massachusetts employment rate has been ahead of the National curve with the professional, scientific, and technical sectors booming. You’ll have all the opportunities to grow your career aspirations in Boston.

Education: Whether you plan on going back to school or you have children, Boston has 35 universities, colleges and Communities College. Some of the highlighted schools in the area include Harvard University, Boston University, Northeastern University, Boston College, Tufts University, MIT and University of Massachusetts Boston.

Things To Do: In Boston you’ll have a never-ending supply of musicians, comedians, tours, nightlife, local bars, local events, concerts, sporting events, parades, fairs, food festivals, and MORE!

History: You lose so much history in many of the larger cities in America. In Boston, there is a historical marker at almost every turn. The blend of a high-end/modern city and the history of where it came from is splendid. From the cobble stone streets to the US Constitution, there is so much to explore.