Tips for Packing a Garage for Moving

When moving, your garage is likely one of the trickiest rooms to pack, even if it isn’t a catch-all space in your home. There are many sharp, hazardous, oddly-sized, and heavy things that need to be packed. There are lawn care tools that need to be emptied and stowed, chemicals that need to be disposed of, and many other things you might consider until you’re half-packed and find something that you’re unsure how to handle.

In this blog post, we attempt to demystify the art of packing a garage. We will give you all the ins, outs, and safety tips you need, allowing you to pack this important room of the house safely and effectively.

1. Dispose of Hazardous Chemicals

Many garages hold hazardous chemicals. It’s important to dispose of these before you move. We know how tempting it is to think that you can avoid buying more gas for your lawn mower if you take the gas can full of fuel that you already have. However, not only is this is a bad idea, but moving trucks do not allow flammable and hazardous items on board. Not only is gasoline flammable, but it will damage everything else in the moving truck if the can tips. Also, make sure to dispose of all pesticides, herbicides and anything else hazardous.

2. Box Up Your Small Tools

Power tools and hand tools should be packed into small moving boxes. It can be tempting to pack them all into one large moving box. However, if you do this, you will regret it the instant you try to pick up the box.

Tools weigh a lot more than people sometimes realize. If you do manage to get the box off the ground, the bottom is likely to give way, spilling your tools on the floor. Then you’ll just have to pack them again, and who wants to do that?

If you have a lot of small hand tools like screwdrivers, it’s okay to leave them inside the toolbox. Just remember to pad the inside with a lot of crumpled packing paper or other cushioning materials or the excess motion can cause your toolbox to tip over.

If you’re packing power tools, it’s important to put them back in the cases they came in. Then you can load them into a small moving box.

If you don’t have the cases for the power tools, then you can simply wrap the sharp pointy ends in a lot of crumpled paper and secure them well with packing tape. You don’t want any sharp edges poking out for people to get injured on.

3. Box Up Your Medium Tools

Things like hedge trimmers and garden trimmers can also be loaded into small moving boxes. Once again, remember to pad the sharp ends in packing paper and tape it all up securely.

4. Pack Long Tools Like a Burrito

For things such as rakes, scythes and brooms, pack them into a big bundle. Wrap a moving pad around them like a burrito. Make sure to tuck in the ends so that the sharp points are safely out of the way and then tape it securely shut on all sides.

5. Packing the Lawn Mower

First, drain all gasoline and liquids out of the lawn mower. Dispose of these properly.

There’s really no point in boxing up the lawn mower. It’s so big and oddly shaped that it won’t fit. However, you do need to wrap packing paper or a piece of cardboard around each of the spark plugs. They will break, and that’s something you don’t want. After you’ve done, simply secure the lawn mower inside the moving truck with tie-down straps. That will stop it from sliding around and damaging other belongings.

6. Stow The Grill

Dump out any charcoal, ash and other refuse inside your grill. Then give it a good spray down with a garden hose. Once dry, secure it inside the truck. If your grill is gas, remember to dispose of the propane. If you have to take the propane tank with you, you’ll need to do it in your own vehicle. It cannot be transported in a moving truck.

7. Take Breaks

Packing up a garage is dirty work. Remember to take frequent breaks and remain hydrated. This ensures that you won’t burn out and throw in the towel.

Packing your garage for moving is a very detail-oriented process. However, it doesn’t have to be a hard, painful experience. If you follow the tips above, your garage will be safely packed in no time. Alternatively, hire the Olympia crew to pack for you. Contact us at 800.222.4744 or fill out our form to request a moving estimate.