Olympia Moving & Storage helps thousands of families in the Greater Boston annually. In our “On the Move” series, we look at a day in the life of our crew, and the range of services they provide.

On the Move | Bedford Moving Services

Moving From: A cozy residential neighborhood in Lexington, MA

Moving To: Close to center Bedford, MA, a quaint town west of Boston

When: July 2018

Lexington & Bedford Moving Services

This client was moving from a 5-bedroom home in Lexington to a new house in Bedford. One of Olympia’s moving consultants, Ida, planned the move to take place over 5 consecutive days.

Each day the Olympia team performed a partial pack, load, and deliver, moving room by room. Each room in the Lexington home was packed and then delivered into the Bedford home one by one, over the course of the 5 days. This plan minimizes the stress of moving for the family. It allows them to remain in some rooms of the home in the midst of the move, and settle into the new home in stages.

The crew was led by Gabe for all 5 days to ensure continuity.

Using a Professional Organizer for Your Move

For this move, Olympia worked in conjunction with a professional organizer. This is the best option for customers who want the complete moving experience without lifting a finger. As Olympia delivered each room to the new residence, the organizer was on site to unpack the boxes and expertly put away the contents. Therefore, the family had completely set-up rooms when they moved into the new home, minimizing interruption in their lives. Olympia is happy to work with your professional organizer, or recommend one, to assist in your move.

Special Items Moved

One of the items the client needed moved was an all-in-one gym equipment system. Olympia worked with one of our partner specialists to disassemble and reassemble the gym equipment so our crew could move it safely. The client also had a marble top that needed to be crated for in-transit protection.

Luxury Moving Services

If you have any expensive artwork or other valuable items that are a part of your move, Olympia will be able to safely and securely transport your valuables. We often build custom crating, moving gym equipment, and transporting pool tables. Any specialty moving service you need, we will execute.

Moving large houses like this one takes a longer time to plan and execute. Call your movers well in advance to lock your dates in place and start the planning process. Take into consideration that the summer is the busiest time of the year for moving companies, and schedules fill up faster.

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