On the Move: Wellesley, MA

Olympia Moving & Storage moves thousands of customers in the Boston area each year. In our “On the Move” series, we take you on the job to see first-hand the homes our crews work in and the variety of services they perform.

On the Move | Wellesley Moving Services

Moving From: A picturesque Wellesley, MA neighborhood

Moving To: Minneapolis, Minnesota

When: June 2018

Interstate Moving From Wellesley, MA

This client was moving from a 5-bedroom home in Wellesley to a new home across the country to Minnesota. This is a large interstate move, so Olympia’s moving consultant, Ida, created a custom moving plan. The move required a 4 man crew. The Olympia team did three days of packing, and then loaded the truck over two days. The client’s belongings then went into storage for about a month before being delivered to their new home in August.

Storage For Interstate Moves

Clients often need storage as part of an interstate move. In this case, the client had to vacate their home in Massachusetts in June but did not need to move to their new home in Minnesota until August. Olympia solved this problem by storing everything in their private, secure warehouse nearby in Mansfield, MA. A few weeks prior to when the shipment was due in Minnesota, our interstate driver picked up the shipment from our warehouse to transport it across the country and deliver it to their new home.

Packing For Interstate Moves

The Olympia team provided full packing services for this interstate move. As it was a larger home, the team worked over three days to complete all the boxing and furniture packing. Packing services relieve a lot of the stress and work of a move, especially when there are so many other to dos to consider when moving to a new state.

Moving across the country is a big change! Olympia is a part of Wheaton World Wide Moving, a network that connects us with 350+ moving companies nationwide. This partnership combines Olympia’s dedication to complete customer satisfaction with Wheaton’s commitment to professionalism and excellent service. This way you will receive the same outstanding service on both ends of your interstate move

If you are moving to or from Boston or the surrounding suburbs, give us a call at 800-222-4244 or fill out our form online for a free moving estimate!

Happy Allston Christmas 2018 from the Bostonians of Twitter & Instagram

The most wonderful time of the year is here again! The signs of the season are everywhere: old mattresses piled on the sidewalks, gridlocked streets filled with rental trucks, and a near-crash for a truck on Storrow Drive. Olympia Moving & Storage is still in the midst of our busiest weekend of the year. In addition to the 40 moves we’re completing daily, you can find us working on the Northeastern campus, moving thousands of new and returning students into their dorms.

Whether you were moving with Olympia or not, we wanted to help everyone have a merry Boston moving day. We posted PSAs on the back of the iconic Olympia trucks, reminding drivers that they can NOT bring trucks onto Storrow Drive. Olympia also created an Allston Christmas survival guide, with advice from the experts to make a September 1st move a success. Olympia has conquered over 25 Allston Christmases, so we know how to navigate the chaos.

With 79% of Boston leases turning over on the same date, it certainly is chaos. According the Boston Globe, more than 138,000 students return to the city and about 2,000 U-Hauls will be on the road this weekend. You can count on the citizens of Boston to document the experience.

Funniest Tweets and Instagrams Allston Christmas 2018

Garbage, as far as they eye can see







Rental trucks galore

When a Uhaul wasn’t an option, some found innovative solutions

There were a few close calls

But it turns out bridges on Storrow aren’t the only danger

The city and local companies tried to lend a hand

And of course, some much-needed memes

If you need to move in Boston any time of year, Olympia Moving & Storage is here to help. Give us a call at 617-926-5555 or get an instant quote on our website.