Whenever you start to pack for a move, you’ll soon realize the astronomical amount of junk that you have lying around the office. With so much to go through and so little time, it’s easier to just get rid of everything. Consider using one of these tips during your next move.

Host a Yard Sale

If you have the time and want to recoup some of the cost of your items, this is the way to go. Spread the word on social media and pick a perfect day with pleasant weather to set up shop. However, this method takes up a lot of time and requires a lot of planning and effort to execute. If you don’t have the time, consider the other options below!

Give to Donation Centers

There are many donation centers like Goodwill and The Salvation Army that always welcome donations to give back to those in need. More often than not, those kinds of services may even do free pick up for goods that you plan on donating. Call your local organization to see if they provide these services. 

Find Free Services

Every state is different, but one constant is that there’s always some sort of free incentive to help you get some unwanted junk out. For instance, Masssave(out of Massachusetts)  has an incentive where they will recycle your fridge and give you a 75$ rebate for it. Do you research when applicable and minimize that cost!

Hire Specialized Junk Removal Companies

If you need the junk gone as soon as possible and can’t spare the time to coordinate things yourself, hiring junk removal companies to take care of it for you is always an option! Olympia offers liquidation and decommissioning services so you can count on us to not only clean and move your space, but also get rid of junk, dispose of documents securely, and donate your assets to the right places. 

For more information about all the services that Olympia offers, take a look at our list of services here.