Movers’ blankets are a hot topic as of late, given the increased scrutiny on cleanliness of pretty much everything we touch, we here at Olympia Movers wanted to provide some additional information on how we protect your belongings throughout your move. As experts within the moving industry, although the overall idea of moving belongings from point A to point B may seem straight forward, the complexities and hallmarks of a truly great moving service differ from company to company.

The details matter, and critical to a successful move start from the way we treat our clients and their belongings.  Our primary focus is on the client experience and ensuring all your items are treated like our own and protected as such, no matter a local move or a long-distance move.

When we first arrive at your house, we will ensure that there is proper floor covering where required. Once we tour your house to understand the scope, we go to work! Critical to the move is the ability to pack and stack your furniture in our trucks as efficiently as possible. We will work room to room, padding and protecting all the items that are required.

The moving blankets are a key tool in our arsenal. This blanket is no ordinary quilt. This is a thick, heavy-duty blanket that is a blend of polyester mesh and cotton. You may see these called furniture moving pads, moving pads, furniture pads or other iterations. These movers’ blankets keep your items protected from dirt, dust and shifting when stacked and packed tightly in our moving trucks. It’s often the little spaces and crevices that wreak the most havoc while in transit, causing potential shifting. These blankets are critical to help fill those tiny spaces and keep your belongings secure, taking up this little space. The thick and heavy material provides protection and keeps items static throughout the move. It goes without saying, we carry only the highest quality movers’ blankets

No matter the type of items you require moving, Olympia Moving & Storage has all the materials required to keep your items and your home protected from any damage. Apart from the materials we use as part of our service, we offer supplies for sale as well here. Included as a part of our moving service, we do provide the blankets and furniture padding needed in transit from your original location to your new destination.

Keep in mind, no matter the size of your move, furniture padding, or movers’ blankets are an integral component of your move. Some of the other moving companies may charge you per pad, and if you rent a truck there is most likely an additional cost if you require blankets. However you decide to handle your next move, whether on your own or through your favorite moving company(wink wink), make sure you do your research and prepare for the big day.