Decorating Your Room

Your bedroom should be your personal sanctuary. That’s why it’s important to make sure that it’s a place that you’ll be happy to wake up in mornings, a place you’re glad to be in when your day ends, and a place you’re excited to be in during other times. 

Use Subtle and Neutral Colors

Bold colors can become a bit too tiring over time. It is much more cost effective and efficient to go with a more neutral color on the walls and then accent it with furniture and decoration.

Leave Yourself Some Space

There’s nothing worse than not being able to move around your own bedroom. It can lead to more stress and frustration. If you need storage space, utilize your walls by using wall storage and shelves to free up the floor. 

Express Yourself

Your bedroom is all about you. So make sure to express yourself with decor you want to see every day. Utilize your walls and put on display your favorite artworks and hobbies. Store anything else in unassuming drawers to keep the attention on what matters in your room

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Rent a Trailer

Sometimes, you just want to get the job done yourself, but don’t have the vehicles necessary for the job. Renting a whole truck out just doesn’t seem very practical. That’s why renting a trailer could be the solution for you. 

What is a Trailer?

A trailer is simply an unpowered vehicle towed by a powered vehicle. It is typically harnessed onto the tow hitch of a vehicle and driven around as an extension, usually to move a large number of items. 

How to Install a Trailer

First and foremost, you’ll have to install a tow hitch. This is typically an easy DIY job, as long as you have the means and space to jack your car up and have instructions to guide you through every step of the way. Otherwise, it can be done for you by professionals for an upcharge. After that, you simply install the trailer to your vehicle as per instructions.

Is a trailer just not enough for you move? Feel free to reach out to our team of professionals as our crew can make sure everything is moved without a hitch. Contact Olympia for a free quote today!

Decorating a Home

Home is where the heart is. You want to make sure that your home is a space you’d want to return to at the end of the day. Decorating it to your preferences is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow when you have the chance to decorate your home.

Set a Theme

Are you more of a traditionalist? Or are you more of a modernist? Do you like botanicals or the sea? Questions like these can help guide you in finding the right furniture and decoration. There’s nothing worse than a clash of two or more styles. Once you settle on a theme, use resources like Pinterest to find more unique ideas to further customize your home. 

Stay Consistent

There is nothing worse than a break in consistency. This leads to eyesores that will live rent free in the back of your mind until you fix it. Here are some thighs to keep in mind

  • Stay within a set color pallet so thing would stick out
  • If you’re using wood, make sure the color and grain of it stay consistent (floor, tables, furniture, etc.)
  • Use similar shapes. If your home is using more geometrical décor, avoid circles. Vice versa
  • If you have dated and mismatched handles, replace them all with new ones.

Optimize Your Space

Balancing your space is just as important as decorating it. Too much décor can lead to clutter. Try out some of these tips to optimize your space.

  • Use mirrors wherever possible to give the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Paint your ceilings white to give a sense of a higher ceiling.
  • Layer different light sources.
  • Measure twice so you only have to buy once. 

Preparing for a move and don’t want the hassle? Have lots of ideas but don’t have the manpower to execute it? Feel free to reach out to our team of professionals as our crew can make sure everything is placed properly. Contact Olympia for a free quote today!