Olympia Moving Photoshoot with Justine Johnson Photography

Our crews work many unusual jobs in the moving & storage industry including: moving pinball machines, transporting bikes for a 134 mile ride, and converting hockey rinks into basketball counts.  Earlier this fall, John, Richard, Liviu and Eladio were asked to do a job they have never encountered before: being models for an Olympia Moving & Storage photoshoot!

The photoshoot took place at an office building we do work for, a condo neighborhood we partner with, and our warehouse in Canton, MA.  Our crew did some real moving so we could photograph their skills in action and posed for some portraits. Turns out they were naturals in front of the camera!

Olympia Moving worked with Justine her assistant Natasha of Justine Johnson Photography, a portrait, family, wedding, and business photographer from Portland, ME.  Justine had never photographed a moving company before, but she was up for the challenge!  Both Justine and Natasha learned a lot about the ins and outs of the moving & storage industry and were especially impressed with the size and vaults in our full-service warehouse!

We loved the photos we captured because they showcase the skill, organization, and friendly personalities of our crew. Here are some of our favorite photos from the shoot, expect to see some of the new photos on our website and in future marketing materials!

Justine Johnson Photography was a great local business photographer to work with. She took the time to get to know our crew and our company and our crew enjoyed spending the day with her team. Justine was patient & flexible working with the variety of locations and activities to photograph, welcomed our team’s ideas, and brought many ideas of her own. Contact Justin if you need moving company photography or any kind of business or personal photographer.

Our crew with Justine & Natasha of Justine Johnson Photography!
Our crew with Justine & Natasha of Justine Johnson Photography!

Although they did a great job representing Olympia Moving in the photoshoot, John, Richard, Eladio, and Liviu are going to stick with their moving careers. If you want to hire them, or any of our other professional moving crews, request a free, no obligation moving estimate today, or call 800.222.4744.

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