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Day in the Life: Sales

Residential and Commercial

Residential Sales

Sales at Olympia is fast-paced. You are working towards a monthly budget and objective while being responsible for creating opportunities, generating leads sources, building a pipeline and developing account relationships. You function in cooperation with the coordination staff to deliver exceptional service and with the marketing team to implement new campaigns.

On a daily basis you will spend time on:

  • Business Development
  • Direct Sales (In-Person and Virtual)
  • Servicing Existing Clients
  • Enhancing Relationships
  • Engaging with Co-Workers

You are ultimately responsible for the success of each of your clients relocations and part of this responsibility is creating an effective move plan.

Olympia’s systems and technology allow you to be productive from anywhere.

Commercial Sales

Olympia works with some of the largest and most well-respected institutions in the country. Our commercial business line has been a driver of growth for the past 7 years and our commercial sales team is responsible. Olympia offers a wide variety of services to help organizations of all sizes including relocation, installation, shredding, liquidation, storage, and distribution.

Commercial Sales Representatives work towards attaining a monthly budget objective founded upon a combination of one-off projects and longer-term engagements. They spend a lot of time prospecting, building a pipeline, and managing relationships.

One a daily basis they spend time:

  • Prospecting and Networking
  • Researching Opportunities
  • Responding to RFP’s
  • Surveying Opportunities
  • Managing Existing Projects

Commercial Sales Representatives work closely with the coordination, marketing, operational, and warehouse teams to deliver on our commitments. Ultimately, it is the salesperson that is accountable for the success of their projects.