After you book your move with Olympia Moving, you will be assigned a dedicated move coordinator who will guide you through every step of the relocation process. Your coordinator will always be available to assist you with questions and changes to your move and acts as your internal advocate prior, during, and after your move. They will remain in constant communication in order to avoid surprises and ensure that you are fully prepared.

  • Olympia employs 6 full-time relocation coordinators. Our coordinators are truly the best in the industry, they have all worked for or with high-profile accounts and have a combined 73 years of moving industry experience.
  • We view our coordination team as the quarterbacks of our office staff.  Externally, they work with our customers to make sure they understand what the customer needs to make the move a success, and guide the customer through the relocation process by checking in with the customer, answering questions, and solving challenges.  Internally, they are the advocate work with every department to ensure that we have all the proper planning and resources in place to make the move a success.
  • When the customer books their move they are assigned to their coordinator and the coordinator calls to introduce themselves and review all the details needed to complete their move booking
  • All coordinators are partners with the salesperson, so the two really work together as a team to make the move a success
  • In one summer our coordination team answers over 40,000 inbound calls
  • Our coordinators follow a very specific customer contact map that’s customized to the type of move they are working on – this is to guarantee that every customer gets the service experience they need
  • A typical customer gets a minimum of 4 phone calls and 6 emails from their coordinator as part of the move process
  • Coordinators are in charge of ordering all kinds of additional services our customers ask for as part of their move including parking permits, police details, vehicle relocations, custom crates, techs to take down special items like appliances, chandeliers, trampolines, exercise equipment and more, wine relocation, and many other things
  • We designed the dedicated relocation coordinator system because we didn’t want our customers calling into a frustrating “call center” when they have a problem. We wanted them to have a single point of contact that they could count on, develop a relationship with, and is invested in making their move a success. It is a big relief for our customers to know that if there is a problem or concern on move day, they know exactly the person to call and they already know all the details of their move and can help them right away.