Olympia Moving & Storage Reviews

What do residential moving clients say about Olympia Moving & Storage?

We have been providing quality moving services to families for almost 25 years, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what recent Olympia Moving & Storage clients have to say about their experience:

Peg M.  | N Natick, MA to Watertown, MA |  February 2017
“I cannot begin to say how pleased I was with this first part of our move (much went into storage), from the first conversations with Ida C. and Patrick W., through to the move itself with Paul and his crew. I have moved six times, and it has never been as smooth a process as this was. This crew was incredible. They worked in tight conditions (boxes filling every room, stacked five feet tall); helped pack up the artwork we didn’t have boxes for; packed up two clothing wardrobes that I didn’t have room enough to assemble in advance; dealt with an icy walkway and driveway; covered the hardwood floors with padding; really hustled; and were consistently polite, courteous, and friendly. They worked well individually and as a team, and, amazing as it sounds, seemed like they were having fun! I often work with business leaders, and Paul exemplifies all of the traits of a leader. He coached and encouraged his team, put my jumpy husband at ease in regard to extra insurance for artwork and stereo equipment, and made us feel as if doing this move properly was the most important thing to him.”
Pablo M.  | Boston, MA to Williamsville, VT | January 2017
“Kevin was timely, courteous and professional. Melissa was always there on the phone to answer my questions and help out with logistics. Don, Zach and Angel were terrific, careful with our goods and went out of their way to make sure we had our things where we wanted them. Everything went smoothly. I have never had such a good experience with movers before.”
Sheryl R.  | Newton, MA to Ipswich, MA |  January 2017
“Paul was a terrific leader and Jaheel was amazing. Vlad was great and everyone did a terrific job.”
Kurt H.  | Seven Corners, VA to Arlington, VA |  February 2017
“The crew members were fantastic with a very good work ethic/attitude and did a great job.”
Rita L.  | Wakefield, MA to Wakefield, MA |  January 2017
“I already stated the fact that the crew was awesome. Ron, Joel & Wilbur are a credit to your company. Please let the crew know much I appreciated them. They did a great job. I never hired a moving company before and I was very impressed. I far as I am concerned everything went very smooth and I see no need for improvement.”
Federica R.  | Washington, DC to London, UK | January 2017
“I also have been meaning to tell you how wonderful the packers were. They were very professional, punctual, friendly, and listened perfectly to all instructions. Please be sure the team at Olympia knows how top notch they were. I wish we could fly them to London to move our stuff in!”

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