Olympia Moving and Storage does more than just move our clients from point A to point B. In addition to our full range of residential and commercial moving services in Greater Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia, our professional moving crew can help when your home or client’s home is going through a restoration or remodel.

Moving & Storage for Restoration, Remediation, and Emergency Services

Due to the harsh, snowy Northeast winters, Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia homes and businesses are at risk for damage requiring restoration services. Whether you are an insurance company or a restoration company assisting clients with mold remediation, water damage restoration, and disaster restoration, or a homeowner, you should consider working with a moving and storage company to remove stress from your restoration.

Olympia Moving is the proud relocation partner for Boston and Washington DC’s top restoration, emergency service providers, and insurance adjusters. The companies we work with know they can rely on Olympia because we provide:

  • An immediately responsive, dedicated coordination contact
  • The crew capacity to accommodate urgent turnaround requests
  • Professional moving crews experienced and trained for fire, flood and mold pack outs
  • Conveniently located storage facilities with easy access for cleaning in:

Our staff has already managed thousands of emergency and restoration moving services, so our team has the experience you need. Whether you prefer for Olympia to work directly with you or your client, we guarantee a partnership with Olympia will save stress and elevate the service experience. We are ready to assist with your next pack out or help you resolve a problem.

Moving & Storage for Home Remodeling & Renovation

Olympia Moving & Storage is also an asset to homeowners and contractors remodeling homes.  Utilize our full-service professionals to move your belongings into another room in your home or our affordable storage facility until your home renovations are complete.

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If you are a homeowner in need of moving and storage for a restoration or renovation, request a free, no obligation estimate or call 800.222.4744

Insurance and restoration companies can call 800.222.4744 for more information about our restoration services.